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Do you ever go a day without using the internet? If not, know that the websites you visit on a daily basis represent only a small territory of the internet world and that there is also a “dark” side of the web, known as “Dark Web”.

Not many people know that there is a lot happening on the ‘Dark Web’ daily and its growth lately is something we should know.

What is the Dark Web?

The Internet has seen many developments since its inception and the Dark Web, consisting of hidden sites, is also part of this evolution. Dark Web sites operate using encryption software that prevents unauthorized access to digital information.

In simpler terms, this encryption software allows Dark Web users to remain anonymous and hide their location. This would now give you an idea why the Dark Web is known to harbor several illegal and criminal activities.

How to access the Dark Web?

A user can only use the Dark Web using search engines designed specifically to unearth these hidden sites and cannot access them through standard web browsers such as Google Chrome, Yahoo and Mozilla Firefox.

The Dark Web uses what is called “The Onion Router” (TOR), which is a hidden service protocol and creates a virtual private network (VPN). ‘TOR’ servers are undetectable by search engines and allow users to remain anonymous.

While website addresses on the Surface Web, the part of the Web most people use, end in .com, .in, .org, or .gov, addresses on the Dark Web end in .onion.

What’s available on the Dark Web?

It is said that “technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master” and this is true in the context of today’s Internet use. While food, clothing, medicine, books and many other such items are readily available on the surface web, the dark web is used to get hold of illegal drugs, guns, credit and debit card numberschild pornography, and among other things.

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What is the dark web

According to a 2016 report by Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid, researchers at King’s College London, dark websites are most commonly used for criminal purposes. They examined 5,205 live websites, of which some 1,547 hosted illicit material.

Since the dark web is a part of the internet that is beyond the reach of search engines, visitors to this black market mostly pay using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to remain anonymous.

Is accessing the Dark Web illegal?

Surfing the dark web won’t land you in jail, but buying illegal drugs, guns, or downloading child pornography is against the law.

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