Why is improving bot protection for web and API endpoints important?


The problem with robots is that they are not all bad. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to detect malicious bots entering your system and threatening your business.

But bots are part of life in today’s digital world. It means defending your organization against the bad with a anti bot solution is more critical than ever to ensure the continued success of the business.

Invented to automate human processes, robots are primarily used to increase efficiency by taking over a range of tasks that free us to create and implement new business innovations.

The irony is that some bots are created or used by attackers to carry out malicious activities that threaten the well-being of your organization by crashing your website, creating fake accounts, freezing inventory and preventing execution. some orders.

In some cases, this can damage long-term reputation, especially if bots steal customer information or severely affect customer service, as this will drive customers away and stifle your business success.

In fact, recent research has shown that bot attacks Resulted in financial loss for 80% of organizations, with two-thirds acknowledging that a single bot attack has cost them $100,000 or more in the past year; a black one, that figure is closer to $500,000.

But there are ways to protect your organization from the perils of malicious bots.

These include:

1. Monitor incoming traffic from bots and analyze where it comes from

2. Practice the principles of least privilege among staff

3. Block all malicious bot access points

4. Monitoring failed login attempts

5. Keep software up to date

Bot management from Indusface’s AppTrana fights bad bots with advanced multi-layered protection. With a tailored solution, it provides robust bot management at scale by:

Monitoring bot traffic to detect threats

Spotting bot traffic can be a tedious and difficult task when it has to be done manually. AppTrana solves this problem by using advanced multi-layered bot protection combined with behavioral analytics technology to monitor past traffic behavior patterns and block bots accordingly, simplifying and automating this process.

Provide immediate protection

Trana app comes with simple integration, including pre-configured protection that can be up and running in 2-3 minutes.

Plus, its always-on protection means that no bot will ever go unnoticed, ensuring that legitimate traffic can continue smoothly.

Cloud-Based Threat Mitigation

AppTrana ensures that application integrity is maintained by providing you with highly scalable, accurate, and fully managed cloud-based protection, ensuring that online customer experiences are secure and without any delays.

In addition to minimizing the risk of botnets, the integration reduces processing loads on the infrastructure by blocking malicious bot traffic.

Provide a managed bot mitigation solution

AppTrana is the only product on the market that offers a managed bot mitigation solution, where security experts work with customers to understand their application requirements and create sophisticated rules and controls to prevent complex attacks that don’t are generally not protected when using automated controls.

What sets AppTrana apart

What also sets AppTrana apart are the techniques it uses to understand the bot landscape, such as fingerprinting, which includes capturing a range of internet properties to uniquely identify and categorize bots. Once this process is complete, different strategies are put in place depending on what is needed.

Additionally, AppTrana uses various self-learning models to track request behavior as well as anomalies in typical behavior to identify and block bad bots immediately.

Establishing a workflow (or normal user behavior) allows AppTrana to validate this activity and identify bad bots based on its parameters. Bots generally do not follow these workflows and can therefore be easily identified when robust rules written by security experts are implemented.

Ultimately, the combination of these capabilities will put your organization in top shape to prevent bot attacks and maintain efficiency and long-term business success.

In addition, Industry published a white paper to help you understand the different types of bots, the challenges of managing them, the importance of implementing solutions that mitigate issues with bad bots, and how AppTrana provides enhanced protection against them.

Learn more about the white paper: Need for managed bot mitigation solutions


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