Web Connect+ to demonstrate increased efficiency using automation for a digital packaging and print workflow


The Web Connect+ online printing community will demonstrate how packaging printers can increase productivity and efficiency through automation in their second webinar. During the session, taking place on August 23, solution providers in the packaging and printing software industry will demonstrate how a fully integrated workflow can help packaging printers reduce costs and to increase their productivity.

The second webinar is the last in the series organized by the new Web Connect+ community. Trained by Infigo, Significans Automation and Tilia Labs, Web Connect+ webinars give print service providers insight into how they can integrate innovative software into their workflow to automate order entry, imposition and planning, as well as print production.

Joe Lydic, VP of Operations at Preflex, a digital prepress services company, and Relm West, a full-service label and packaging film manufacturer, commented on the first event:

“It was great to attend the Web Connect+ webinar which brought together the elements of web-to-print in a smooth and automated way. Infigo, Significans Automation and Tilia Labs demonstrated that a cooperative approach can be done well, with personalization and automation.

During the second session, Web Connect+ members will demonstrate the different stages of receiving a job online and how it progresses through the print workflow.

This will include:

• How a print client can order and edit their design online through an Infigo storefront

• How they can view a 3D print preview of their order, including additional post-print features, such as embossing, hot stamping, etc.

• How work is passed to preflight software for automated checks via Enfocus Switch.

• How hundreds of optimized layouts are created in seconds using Tilia Phoenix.

Sagen de Jonge, Co-Founder, CEO of Tilia Labs Inc, said, “We had great feedback from our first webinar. It’s clear from the Q&A session that many printers want to find out how they can implement AI and automation in their process. We’re excited to share, first-hand, what’s possible with a fully integrated workflow, and give attendees the ability to openly ask questions of the experts to ensure they’re set for success.

Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation, said: “Seeing a demonstration of individual software is one thing, but showing exactly how the different components are linked – automating the workflow from editing and ordering to production is another.

“We are confident that print packers will be truly blown away by what we can show them.”

Douglas Gibson, CEO of Infigo, said, “We have always maintained that the true value of web-to-print comes from integration. However, we can talk about automation all we want, but showing printers what can be achieved, by integrating multiple systems, is where the real value lies. Those who attended the first webinar were truly impressed with what is possible. But this session is really going to be a game-changer and get people thinking differently about their print packaging business.

To make sure you don’t miss this valuable session, reserve your spot here.


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