Web-Based Collaborative Design with Figma’s Noah Levin


Today on The Chrome Cast podcast, we’re back with another interview episode, chatting with Noah Levin, Design Director at Figma. If you’re unfamiliar with Figma, it’s a powerful design and prototyping tool that was built from the ground up to run in the browser. Because of this, you can take advantage of powerful collaboration tools so you don’t have to worry about local files or coordinating whether or not your team is working from the latest version of a project. It’s like the Google Docs of design and prototyping.

Along with talking about their collaborative design tool, we also covered the recent release of a new product called FigJam, an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm together – again, all in the browser. We end the conversation by discussing Google for Education’s partnership with Figma to bring the collaborative design platform to educational Chromebooks across the US and how Figma is leaning into the education space. Figma is even hosting a virtual education-focused conference August 16-17 to help educators understand how to leverage Figma in the classroom.


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