VakeelSaab Production Offers Crime Thriller Web Series – ‘Durashyam’


April 19, 2022 12:37 STI

New Delhi [India]April 19 (ANI/TPT): VakeelSaab Production has developed a crime thriller web series “Durashyam,” exploring the life of an honest judge who meets a disastrous end. What is the worst case scenario a judge or anyone in higher authority could ever think of? Losing power may be one of the answers to the question. But dealing with personal loss of loved ones at the hands of one’s subordinate always comes first.
Directed by Somesh Kumar Dahiya and featuring renowned face Aman Verma alongside Shweta Sinha, Vinay Kuhar, Prithvi Zutsi and Kuldeep Sareen. The plot of the series is inspired by the Durashyam in which the gunman (played by Vinay Kuhar) led a judge’s wife and son outside a shopping mall and viciously pumped bullets into the two at public view. The murders did not confine their ill effects to society alone, but have a wider ramification by sending shivers down the spines of judicial office holders. This web series will be broadcast on the YouTube channel.

Now the question arises, what was the intention of the shooter to take such a serious step? What events infuriated the shooter? Was it a conspiracy or was the shooter mentally unstable? All these questions will soon have an answer!
Producer and actor Vinay Kuhar said, “When this event happened, I was practicing law at Gurugram. Being affiliated with the law, this whole episode shocked me. I have witnessed first hand the disturbing and frightening effects it has had on society. At first, I wanted to make a movie out of it, but in the end I chose the OTT platform. Initially, I went from pillar to post to look for the broadcasting partner but no one found the courage because of the sensitive subject matter that the series involved. Next, Saga Studios owner Sd. Sumeet Singh came forward and helped me with this whole project, without him it was hard for the project to see the light of day. I must add that Sumeet ji has always supported such unique projects.”
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