Universal Media Server 11 Reveals Rich Web Interface Redesign Plus Under-the-hood Improvements


The Universal Media Server Project released Universal Media Server 11.1.0a quickly released patch for the recent major update to this open-source, cross-platform media server for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers running Java.

The UPNP/DLNA compatible media server benefits from a significantly improved web interface, helping to give the server a more modern look to go with its modernized codebase.

Version 11.1.0 follows less than a week after the release of version 11.0.0. Its highlights include improved web caching of web interface files and several bugfixes and dependency updates, but it’s understandably overshadowed by the previous major update.

As of 11.0.0, the web interface uses backgrounds and logos on its pages for movies, TV shows, and individual episodes. Based on these images, the UI also automatically switches between dark and light themes as needed.

When viewing videos through the web interface, quality adjustments are automatic, although users also have the option of applying manual settings. A new HLS video option also has the potential to improve transcoding support through select renderers such as Philips smart TVs.

Elsewhere, a new network status scanner has been implemented with support for server-side editable playlists. The API not only matches more TV series, but also provides better metadata matching while providing faster API searches.

There are also unspecified enhancements to both the web interface itself and the web video player, while under the hood the code base has been modernized through code refactoring and updates to Dependencies.

Universal Media Server 11.1.0 is now available as a free, open-source download for the Windows, Mac and linux. For a complete changelog for versions 11.1.0 and 11.0.0, see the project Github releases page.


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