Twitter Circle Launches Worldwide for Android, iOS, and Web


It’s been a little over a year since we first heard about Twitter’s plans to create a more intimate experience with Trusted Friends. Since then, the feature has evolved into Twitter Circle, which was in beta until now. Twitter has finally made it available to everyone, giving users a new way to communicate with friends, family, and followers.

The intention of Twitter Circle is to create a more intimate experience and allow users to make better connections with those on Twitter. To start a circle, users will start creating a tweet as usual. But, instead of making the tweet public, there will be an option to send it to your circle. You can create a circle by inviting anyone you want to Twitter, it doesn’t force them to follow you and you don’t have to follow them. You can invite up to 150 people to a circle, and that’s important because from now on each user is limited to one circle. Inside the Circle, everything you tweet will remain private. This also applies to any responses or reactions received. Although tweets inside a circle cannot be shared or retweeted, a screenshot may still be taken.

Although it is an intimate space, users of a circle will not be able to see how they joined. This list will only be accessible to the creator of the Circle. Additionally, the creator will have the ability to add and remove users at any time, and those removed will not be notified. Also, as of now, there really isn’t a good way to leave a Twitter circle once you’ve joined it. Twitter offers one of three options, which are frankly bad. For now, if you want to leave a Twitter circle, you’ll need to unfollow, mute, or block the person who invited you. Now you can see where this could be causing a problem. But once any of the previous actions are processed, you will either be removed from the circle or you will no longer see communication happening within the circle. If you want to continue communicating with this person, you’ll probably want to unblock, mute, or follow them. That said, Twitter Circle is now available for those using Android, iOS, and the web.

Source: Twitter


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