TSplus web app brings remote desktop connections to iPads and iPhones


TSplus recently released version 15 of Remote Access, which includes a new LITE mode – a brand new easy to use admin interface. The remote desktop and application delivery software offers an HTML5 client that enables remote connections to Windows systems and applications from iPhones and iPads, and other mobile devices.

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Being able to remotely access a server from an iPad is a great way to access documents or use apps that might not be available natively on the device. This can be extremely useful when working away from the office, while traveling or traveling, or even in home offices. Mobile access helps keep productivity high and ensure business continuity.

How to Remotely Access a Windows Server from an iPad or iPhone

TSplus Remote access offers a reliable and scalable way to enable any Windows application on the Web. The built-in HTML5 login client is compatible with any browser. iPhone or iPad owners get instant, intuitive, and seamless access to Windows applications and remote desktops. They can connect to their Windows server and see all files, programs and resources on their personal device as they would if they were sitting in front of their desktop PC. This remote desktop software shines on Larger screen iPads.

Learn more about the benefits of using TSplus Remote access on an iPhone or iPad, read the following article: https://www.terminalserviceplus.com/iphone-ipad-rdp-html5.php

The bonus on Remote access Web Client is that it is not necessary to purchase a mobile remote desktop application from a digital distribution system such as Apple Store or Google Play: with a standard Remote access mobile web edition, user can easily and quickly install web application from web portal and get local shortcut on any mobile device. The web app will then act like a local mobile app, with a simple tap of a finger being the only requirement to open the web portal and start using Windows apps remotely. It offers a fast-loading remote work experience with all the features of a mobile app – accessibility, interactivity, and easy navigation.

Remote access is easy to use and can be installed in minutes. It includes a universal printer that allows remote printing of a file or photo to a local printer connected to the same network as the iPhone or iPad.

Companies can authorize their employees to use TSplus Remote access on their own iPad and iPhone without worrying about their data security: connections are secured with HTTPS/TLS and SSH Tunneling, and web credentials can be enforced with 2FA.

Download and test remote access free for 15 days.

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TSplus web app brings remote desktop connections to iPads and iPhones


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