Trisoft Graphics adopts Miraclon PureFlexo printing

Trisoft Graphics, based in Costa Mesa, California, USA, is a flexographic prepress supplier serving flexible narrow, medium and wide web packaging and label printers worldwide. Almost 30 years ago, in 1993, the company was founded by Tristan Zafra and his partner Johnny Hong, who together identified a market opportunity that became the catalyst to create a full-service prepress business; delivery of graphic design on print-ready plates for printers.

Zafra recalls, “It was a time when many prepress vendors focused primarily on quantity rather than quality of jobs and looked for low-margin jobs. We decided there was greater potential and greater opportunity to serve more printers and their branded customers by focusing on efficient, high quality work.

Trisoft was an early adopter of Kodak Flexcel NX technology in 2008, being the first prepress customer west of the Mississippi. Zafra describes his first reaction to the technology: “Back then we were using digital plates from another big manufacturer, but when Kodak showed me the Flexcel NX technology, I had never seen anything like it. We used to refine the points with digital plates and increase the minimum point to compensate. But with Flexcel NX technology, the MinDot was 1 to 1, there was no distortion, no sharpness.

In an example of technological exploration, the Trisoft team tested their existing digital plate to try to reproduce the results of the Flexcel NX plate. “To remove the oxygen layer, we wrapped the plate and got a flat-topped point. It was the same when we submerged the plate in water and exposed it. Our incumbent plate supplier was not interested in exploring this further, and this reluctance to change made the decision for me. We terminated our account and subscribed to a Flexcel NX system.

With Flexcel NX plates, Trisoft has been able to offer customers the quality they are looking for and achieve predictable, consistent and efficient results, says Terry Clark, vice president of business development. “When we started using Flexcel NX technology, we reached GRACoL color specifications almost instantly. We were pushing into the color space of commercial printing, offering a wide range with greater productivity. It was a big step forward. “

Flexcel NX Technology and Digicap NX Patterning have become the basis of Trisoft’s proven formula, FleXtremePLUS +, allowing the flexo process to be taken to even higher levels of consistency and quality. Tristan emphasizes that FleXtremePLUS + is more than just plate and imaging technology. “It’s a combination of proprietary screening, separation, color management and processing techniques and technologies that we have developed into a robust workflow over time. And that gives us a real advantage over the competition: with Flexcel NX and FleXtremePLUS + technology, we can take on any other store and win every time.

Recently, Trisoft again seized the opportunity to beta test new technology to improve its plate manufacturing capabilities and strengthen its competitive advantage with the addition of the Kodak Flexcel NX printing suite for flexible packaging from Miraclon. to enable PureFlexo printing. “The Flexcel NX technology has been an exceptional platform to build on,” says Terry Clark, “and PureFlexo Printing takes productivity to the next level. By controlling unwanted ink spreading, it further reduces dot gain, making the process even more stable and allowing more leeway on the press. It’s great to do press checks and see jobs color so quickly, sometimes even before they get registered. This is a level of productivity that we dreamed of years ago, and it is now a reality!

“The ability to demonstrate higher press productivity as well as exceptional quality is a strong closing argument in Trisoft’s customer offering,” says Tristan. “In a competitive consumer market, the demand for so-called ‘good enough’ quality is declining as brands want packaging that stands out on the shelves with vibrant colors and fine detail. Brands and printers are looking to companies like Trisoft to invest in new technological innovations that extend the color gamut and can make their branding intent come true. With FLEXCEL NX and FleXtremePLUS + we have this technology. Then add PureFlexo Printing, we hit the press numbers so quickly and the pressroom productivity becomes exceptional.

Trisoft’s implementation of Flexcel NX technology, FleXtremePLUS + and PureFlexo Printing from Trisoft was honored as the Gold winner at the Global Flexo Innovation Awards 2021.

Zafra adds that the relationship with partners like Miraclon is a big part of the company’s success. He says, “We enjoy working with a partner and a team who appreciate cutting edge technology and the opportunities it brings to our business. Together, we can push the boundaries of flexo, continuously innovating and delivering these benefits to our customers. Miraclon’s success in innovation enables us and our customers around the world to be successful.


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