Toby for Chrome Web Beta beats Google Tab Groups for desktop and mobile sync


I’m a big fan of Toby for Chrome, a tab management extension that’s light years ahead of what Google is doing with Chrome’s Tab Groups feature. In fact, I wanted to cover it again today because the company did something that pushes that boundary even further.

It may look like your new tab page, but it’s actually a standalone web application!

Although it’s been available for a few weeks now, I just reinstalled Toby because I was tired of waiting for Google to release the ability to save tab groups for later on Stable, and boy, am I glad to have done it! By visiting the brand new Toby web app, you can see all your synced tabs and tab groups as well as all your tags without needing an extension.

Of course, you’ll still need the extension to do things like save sessions, open all tabs in a group at once, and see the left sidebar, but this new beta gives you something invaluable. : mobile access.

The same tabs are available on my phone

Accessing your collections on any platform is essential to increasing your productivity. Today we are launching the beta version of Toby Web. A responsive experience that lets you access your tabs from anywhere. And yes, that also means mobile!

As useful as this is, I have to be honest for a moment and say that without the ability to open all tabs in a group at once, it’s still not a replacement for the upcoming “Save Group Of” feature. tabs” of Chrome. Still, it at least gives me access to all the same content from my Chromebook or Windows PC on the go.

While the developers tweak the outlines and add additional features, you can try it out and provide feedback by emailing suggestions to Once the PWA reaches feature parity, I imagine the Chrome extension will either be removed altogether or live alongside it. I would love to see this drop on the Google Play Store now that Google is allowing web apps there. Let me know what you think of Toby and if you’ve tried it recently.


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