Tiktok has a web browser that runs when someone clicks on video descriptions or comments


There are more and more alternatives to browse social networks, Tiktok is one of the most popular due to its speed and immediacy in sharing videos, they have made this tool popular, but this is not That’s not the only thing it lets you do.

In case you didn’t know, Tiktok has a built-in web browser that launches when someone clicks on a link in video descriptions or comments. It is a browser independent of the one installed on the phone or tablet and discovered by Felix Krause, an Austrian software developer.

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This browser is capable of injecting TikTok’s own code to know what the user is typing at all times, including sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

“We can’t know what TikTok uses this information for, but technically it’s equivalent to installing a keylogger on third-party websites,” says Krause. A keylogger is a type of malware installed on a computer or smartphone that records everything the user types on the keyboard.

TikTok confirms that the browser has this code necessary to capture all key events, but it is not consistently used. “The javascript code in question is only used for troubleshooting and performance monitoring of this experiment, such as checking how fast a page loads or if it crashes,” said company spokesperson Maureen Shanahan. .

Krause points out that this practice of using your own browsers is common in many social media applications, such as Facebook or Instagram, and that it allows you to bypass the protection imposed by device operating systems such as iOS. or Android, which are included by default in their browsers to prevent tracking or collection of personal information of its users.

safety recommendations

Krause points to a recommendation for users that when using apps that integrate with their own browsers, they press a button as soon as possible that will be on the main page of the phone’s browser.

In case you do not have this possibility, as in the case of the social network application TikTok, you can choose to copy and paste the URL to open the link in the system browser. And did you already know that most social networks have this system that detects your every move?


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