The web’s top 3 #16


As I type, the vote has just ended with a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister of my country. America is mired in endless gun debates. And Ukraine is still under bombardment. Everything seems relentless and the news may get on your nerves, with new information being presented to us every few minutes. So much so that we may find ourselves missing the slow, thoughtful, considerate words our brains — and our souls — crave. This weekly update can provide you with that. We do this by distilling the best of the web and recommending just three links each week that you absolutely must see.

No fluff, no fuss, just three exceptional reads. Here are this week’s recommendations:

Two Fathers (Mitch Moxley/Esquire)

The truck overturned and the bus was torn into three pieces, its front obliterated and everything above ground level was sheared off. The passengers were thrown onto the asphalt and into a frozen ditch. Fourteen people died at the scene, including Doerksen, Haugan and Schatz. In the frantic stride, the survivors, some so disfigured they were unrecognizable, were rushed to nearby hospitals. Brons and another victim died within a week. In an instant, dozens of lives on the bus and beyond were destroyed in one of North America’s worst sports disasters in nearly fifty years. For those involved, on and off the bus, the tragedy was just beginning.

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Diary of a trial: A reporter sits on a Baltimore jury (Alec MacGillis/ProPublica)

Even before Clanton identified himself and unveiled his television roles, the mere fact of his presence was notable. In Baltimore and many other cities across the country, it’s not at all uncommon for shooting survivors to refuse to identify their attackers to authorities. It’s the most extreme manifestation of the no-mean ethic – don’t tell the cops who the shooter was even if you’re the one who got shot – and it’s a big reason why the closing rate of non-fatal shootings is even lower than it is for homicides. But here comes Clanton, testifying against a man he once considered a close friend.

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What’s behind the STRAIGHTification of Soho, London? (Joris Lechene)

@joris_explains What’s behind the STRAIGHTification of Soho, London? #foryourpride #soho #gaysoho #pridemonth #londonpride #london #gentrification #prideinlondon #blackpride #lgbt #lgbtqia #queer #queerlondon #gaylondon #sociology ♬ original sound – Joris Lechêne

Image: Fredrika Carlsson


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