The “Qaya” of the 120 zone facilitates the creation of web showcases


Just yesterday, Google announced that it was ending its “Museletter” experiment to turn Google Docs into paid newsletters. Zone 120 is now back with “Qaya”To easily create web storefronts.

The Area 120 incubator, now hosted by Google Labs, wants to allow creators to “easily sell products and services directly to their audience”. This may include digital goods such as images, downloadable content, and files, while Qaya also supports linking to other platforms where you sell physical goods and services. This will “connect your storefront to the YouTube product shelf, Google search, and Google Shopping.”

The creators on Qaya sell everything from trapeze training guides to wellness training videos, photo filters, rhythm packs, ASMR reads aloud, productivity models, knitting patterns And much more. We support both paid and free products, with tips, subscriptions, and other types of monetization to come.

In addition to having a centralized hub, Google says users will be able to “design a personalized storefront” that visually extends from desktop to mobile, with links to all of your social platforms and other sites. Meanwhile, Qaya provides statistics, customer management tools and other analysis.

We provide or custom urls, with built-in payment functionality.

Qaya began live testing earlier this year and now sees a beta launch in the US:

We are focusing on the United States today, but hope to bring Qaya to other countries soon. And we’re exploring ways to help creators experience other types of digital products.

Find out more about zone 120:

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