The new Sumo Suite Perk gives you a wealth of creative web-based software for your Chromebook


A new offer can be redeemed on the Chromebook Perks website or through the Explore app on your Chromebook for three free months of Sumo Suite, a popular and long-standing creative painting app. What’s unique about this app, however, is that it’s not the original “Sumo Painting” that you’ve probably heard of before. Sumo Apps Ltd has completely reinvented itself in recent times as musical creation, programming, Photo, audio, and video montage, and even 3D modeling software business in addition to its usual painting and sketch tools.

Believe it or not, yes, that means you can do full 3D modeling right through your web browser in addition to all of the aforementioned creative efforts. All of Sumo’s apps are actually PWAs or progressive web apps, so once you log in and visit them individually, you can simply hit the install button at the top right of the Omnibox in Chrome or the browser’s URL bar.

I will be sure to go into detail and review each of the apps in Sumo’s suite at some point, as their video editor looks pretty robust and looks great too. Honestly, given their origin in the past as a simple alternative to Microsoft Paint that runs in the browser, I was surprised that they’ve transformed themselves so much and even intentionally optimized their apps. for Chromebooks!

These three months are considered a trial and are valued at $ 29. If you decide to remain a Sumo Suite subscriber after this trial period, you will automatically be charged $ 9 each month thereafter in order to access unlimited downloads, editing and tools, their robust community and even get rid of advertisements while you are creating.

Google has added a slew of benefits of creative apps in recent memory, like Tayasui Sketches, and really pushes the narrative that Chromebooks aren’t just for browsing the web. With Pixlr just gaining pen-pressure sensitivity on the web, apps like WeVideo and Clipchamp exist for browser-based video editing, and more, the landscape for creative people to use a Chromebook for. their daily life and work has become more a reality than anyone could have imagined just five years ago! You can grab Sumo below from the Google Play Store, but I highly recommend it. use it on the web instead!



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