The log application is still down; Web version accessible to all readers


Dear subscribers,

We were frustrated and upset that there was a third day where your digital replica edition was not available in your app this morning. Our technology partner, PressReader, has been working around the clock since Wednesday evening to get our service fully operational on our apps. For today, please use the link below to launch the browser and view our web version, which looks a lot like the version you’ll find here.

We appreciate the staff who worked around the clock to fully restore this service. Most importantly, we appreciate our subscribers’ patience through this ordeal. Thank you for staying with us.

Harry Porter

General manager

The Sentinel-Record



Services offered by PressReader, The Sentinel-Record’s technology partner, were restored on Friday afternoon, but not all content was available, including the newspaper’s recent digital replicas.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that Canada-based PressReader in a statement last Friday described the disruption to the international company’s network as a “cybersecurity incident that has resulted in widespread disruption of our services, including including Branded Editions and PressReader. This comes as businesses across North America have seen an increase in security incidents in recent weeks.”

The company’s statement says that on Wednesday night, “we identified suspicious activity on our systems. As a precaution, we took all Branded Editions sites and apps, as well as PressReader, offline for 24 hours while we begin We were able to restore many of our services around 9:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, March 3. Processing content continues to be a work in progress, and we have begun reaching out in other ways to receive files from our Branded Editions partners, so that we can release editions as soon as the content processing is restored.”

“At this stage, we continue to restore internal systems and see no evidence that any branded edition data, including customer and transaction data, has been compromised,” said the statement, posted by Steve Chapman. , PressReader’s senior vice president for content. partnerships.

On February 25, PressReader posted on Twitter: “In order to help Ukrainians access up-to-date information, we are opening up all PressReader content in the country for free to individuals. PressReader will absorb the cost paid to publishers until as further notice.” Russia invaded Ukraine last week.

PressReader offers thousands of local, regional and international newspapers and magazines online, on mobile devices and in print, including publications like The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle, according to the company. The outage was global and affected the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.


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