Speculation begins to swirl about the film’s villain


If you are a fan of everything Spider Man, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a superhero movie buff. Besides Marvel Studios deciding to pull the trigger on a multiversal Spider-Men dream team in Spider-Man: No Coming Home including Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Mcguire all on screen at the same time, no one can forget that Sony Pictures Entertainment is following suit by dipping their toes in by Spider Man universe too.

With the releases of Venom, Venom: let there be carnageand Morbius (the latter being fairly poorly received by fans and critics alike) in their pocket, Sony seems to be slowly building the foundations of their own web-slinger world with a bevy of rookie characters.


In September 2019, a blockbuster announcement was made by Sony Pictures when they hired screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless to bring another rich in lore but theatrically unexplored Spider Man big screen character, the infamous Madame Web. Cassandra Webb (Madame Web’s real name) began her eventful existence in Spider Man story as an elderly woman suffering from a condition known as myasthenia gravis.

In her most well-known memorable appearances to date, Madame Web is depicted not only as physically handicapped but also blind. This is because myasthenia gravis rapidly disables the entire neuromuscular skeletal system of the body. Luckily, his superhero alias puts a light spin on this debilitating condition. The many wires and cords that help power the life support system that keeps Webb alive all loom up behind her like some kind of giant spider’s web.

Different versions of Madame Web

Don’t let Madame Web’s frail physical appearance and severely limited mobility fool you that her screen debut in Sony Spider Man The universe will be banal. Compensating for her skeletal affliction, she is gifted with evolved Mind’s Eye abilities. Madame Web can harness the powers of telepathy, use clairvoyance to see all possibilities of the future, perform psychic surgery on others if necessary, as well as use the art of astral projection. Using these powers, she teamed up with Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, and Silk, among other notable Marvel characters.

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The synopsis of the movie Madame Web follows that of an origin story. Given that the role of the main character has been cast by 32-year-old actress Dakota Johnson, the question remains whether the story will center on the much older Cassandra Webb or a much younger alternate version. heroin. In place. In July 2022, while he was on the set of Madame Web, Johnson was seen wearing an outfit familiar to Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman, who was given her powers by the first Madame Web just before her death.

The question surrounding which version we will see naturally opens up another ingredient of the Madame Web film which is just as important but which has not yet been recognized. As with any film in the superhero genre, there must be an opposing force for the hero to overcome and defeat as the closing credits creep across the screen. As of this writing, no such character has been confirmed for Madame Web.

Familiar villains lay the groundwork

Although no press release has yet been released, a very interesting fan theory has been gaining momentum on Reddit recently. A poster from r/FanTheories indicates that the film’s antagonist will be the fourth Spider Woman, Charlotte Witter, who transforms into a villain when the fearsome Doctor Octopus captures her and implants spider limbs into her back. She is then given the task of going back in time and killing an unborn Peter Parker, which in turn would end any trouble Doc Ock may have with his own nefarious goals in the future. .

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Using her clairvoyance, Madame Web notices her cunning plan and honorably calls on three more Spider-Women to take down Witter before she finally stops the esteemed timeline we’ve come to love.

Another possibility for the main villain of the Madame Web film is Kraven the Hunter’s daughter, Ana Kravinoff. Deep within the pages of amazing spider man comic book series, Ana kills the original Madame Web during an unsuccessful attempt to bring back deceased family members (one of them being her father). By combining this original plot with the fact that Sony Pictures is releasing a Kraven the hunter film in January 2023, the odds are in place for Kraven’s daughter to be a staple in the movie.

Because most confirmed casting announcements for Madame Web are many female actors whose roles in the film have yet to be publicly announced, the characters of Charlotte Witter and Cassandra Webb are both very feasible story options.

Besides these two favorable suitors, there is also a chance that the main antagonist of the film will be a plus. Spider Man-centric villain like Chameleon, Electro or even the Jackal. They all had feuds with Madame Web at different times. Regardless of the writers and producers who choose to oppose Madame Web and her psychic prowess, this theatrical entry into Sony Spider Man The universe is sure to be a hit with audiences when it hits theaters on October 6, 2023.


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