Qognify Umbrella for Ocularis Web VMS Platform


Pearl River, New York – January 18, 2022 – Qognify today announced the launch of its central web-based VMS management platform – Umbrella – for Ocularis. Ocularis customers with large or distributed video surveillance installations can now use Umbrella to centrally monitor and remotely manage and configure each VMS installation throughout their deployment.

As video surveillance projects become larger and more complex, they also require more resources and incur increasing operational costs. Changing the configuration of multiple sites is time consuming and monitoring the health status of all servers and cameras at each location is a challenge. As a result, organizations often overspend on technical expertise and unnecessary licensing, while potentially exposing themselves to regulatory risk.

This is why Qognify has now decided to make its management and monitoring platform Umbrella also available for Ocularis VMS. Umbrella is now fully integrated with Ocularis and can be hosted in the cloud (eg, on Microsoft Azure and AWS) or on-premises. It gives enterprise organizations a complete view, monitoring the status of every connected camera and server, highlighting those that need attention. Additionally, any change to the video system can be quickly and easily configured from a central point, using the Umbrella interface, and immediately deployed to where it is needed, either on an individual system or across multiple Ocularis Recorder systems.

Umbrella for Ocularis is a perfect fit for any business that emphasizes live, real-time tactical visualization for its security and surveillance operations, such as educational institutions, public safety departments, and security organizations. health care.

Ari Robinson, Head of Ocularis Product Management at Qognify, comments, “Umbrella is a powerful platform that pairs perfectly with Ocularis, to provide our customers with the ability to closely monitor and manage their entire system. video management, regardless of size or distribution. Maybe.”

Umbrella for Ocularis is included in the Ocularis Ultimate package and can be purchased as an add-on for Ocularis Professional and Ocularis Enterprise. For more information, please visit: www.qognify.com/products/ocularis


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