Premier Packaging expands with a new factory, Heidelberg Equipment

After a decade of steady growth, Premier Packaging, a subsidiary of DSS, Inc., recently moved its 30-year-old factory in Victor, NY, USA, to a brand new 105,000 square foot facility in West Henrietta, NY. The company, which is looking to optimize its growth and diversify its customer base, has also recently installed a new hybrid Speedmaster XL 106-7+L (equipped for both UV and conventional production), in addition to a Speedmaster CD 102-5 refurbished – both from Heidelberg.

The latest generation of Speedmaster, Premier Packaging’s XL 106, was purchased with Heidelberg’s Subscription Smart plan, which includes Prinect Production Manager, Saphira Consumables and extensive performance and consulting services, all ensuring the press is running consistently to optimal performance.

Founded in 1989, Premier Packaging offers a full range of services including packaging design, prototyping, manufacturing, inventory management and securing the brand reputation and authenticity of its clients. The company, while maintaining continuous expansion over the years, met printing needs with a 40-inch aqueous press purchased second-hand eight years ago. To meet market demands, Premier is now able to provide a fully scalable service that is both agile and responsive to the needs of its customers, large or small.

Premier Packaging recently installed a new seven color Speedmaster XL 106 with UV capabilities, which will allow the company to print with a wider gamut for “high end graphics” and on a new range of materials with coatings. and more varied special effects. Currently, the company plans to produce around 10% of its work with UV and has a short-term goal of moving to using UV more than 50% of the time.

The new XL 106 features Push-to-Stop autonomous technology, AutoPlate Pro, and a completely new operating philosophy, the Heidelberg User Experience, which, together with the patented Intellistart 3 system and other d assistance, guarantees short preparation times and the best support for press operators.

“One of the things that drew us to the XL was that we believed we could go to color faster and with less waste, which allowed us to better serve our customers,” says Bruce Stratton, vice president operations.

Additionally, the new press’s advanced technology has attracted new and experienced talent to Premier Packaging, which is crucial in today’s tough job market. “Everyone was thrilled to have the new equipment here,” adds Stratton. “We just hired two new employees who were enticed to work for us simply because they wanted to work on the XL.”

To take full advantage of the XL 106’s technological capabilities, Premier Packaging decided to purchase its new investment using Heidelberg’s Subscription Smart plan. With Subscription Smart, the business pays a fixed monthly fee for an agreed pay-per-outcome print volume. The price also includes Heidelberg’s full Prinect Production Manager workflow, Saphira consumables, and access to Heidelberg’s performance and consulting services.

“After analyzing the number of press owners, looking at maintenance and service, and the cost of consumables, Subscription Smart was the best option for us,” says Stratton. “This partnership relieves us of our worries and allows us to get the best value and the best support for this press.”

Still early in production, Heidelberg experts will soon be working with the Premier Packaging team to analyze company KPIs, processes and baseline data to provide insight into potential areas for improvement, ensuring as well as the company always produces at maximum productivity. From there, the company plans to maximize transparency of its production data for its entire team – from planning to prepress to press. “We look forward to having the tools to measure ourselves and identify opportunities for success,” notes Stratton. “With a good partner, and with this plan, we have what we need to support each other every day.”

“We are grateful to be expanding our business and adding valuable members to the team during this transition period. We have enjoyed working alongside the Heidelberg team to create a successful outcome and pave the way for our future growth,” adds Jeff Knisley, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

In addition to using Heidelberg products on the new XL 106, Premier Packaging has also decided to switch to all Saphira consumables for its other press purchase, a used Heidelberg Remarketed Speedmaster CD 102. While it was a 2008 model, the CD 102 has been completely refurbished by Heidelberg using genuine Heidelberg parts to ensure high quality and long machine life. The company plans to use the CD 102 as its “workhorse” for the many long runs it does for its existing customers.


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