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Online PDF Unblocker

Today, PDFZilla, Inc. is releasing PDF Unlocker Online V1, which quickly and easily unlocks secure PDF files to standard PDF in web browsers. No download process, no file limit, no subscription, and no registration required.

Normally, users can use the PDF reader to open common PDF files and print the content, copy text, or convert to other formats. However, sometimes users may find that some PDF files can be viewed by the reader as regular PDF files, but the content cannot be printed or copied. These files are protected PDF files that have been locked by the creator of the PDF. If users want to remove these permissions, they can use PDF Unlocker Online to directly unlock the printing, copying and other functional restrictions of the PDF file on the browser.

Since many users worry about data security, PDF Unlocker Online is designed to load and run the program directly on local browser, so there is no need for users to download PDF files to the server. After clicking the “Select …” button and opening the PDF file, PDF Unlocker Online will read the selected PDF data in the browser. Once you click “Unlock” button, it will immediately clean up PDF file restrictions and prompt users to save the unlocked file as a new PDF. Thus, users do not have to worry about sensitive PDF data leaking, because the whole unlocking process is fully executed on the local computer.

The unlocking speed of PDF Unlocker Online is also very fast. Since it runs entirely locally on the browser, the development team has optimized its speed to the best. Usually it can unlock a protected PDF file in 2-3 seconds (if the size of the PDF file is more than 10MB, it may take a few seconds longer).

Highlights of PDF Unlocker Online

– No file limit
– No need to download PDF files
– Unlock PDF files in seconds
– Works with the most popular browsers
– No user registration required
– No need to install any software
– Data security and confidentiality
– Completely free
– Multilingual


PDF Unlocker Online can be used directly from its home page via your web browser:


PDFZilla, Inc.
166 CH. Road, ChangAn District,
Xi’an, Shaanxi, China
Maggie Lewis

Since 2008, PDFZilla, Inc. has been made up of a team of dedicated programmers who have previously released a wide variety of commercial and office utilities such as PDFZilla and Batch Word to PDF Converter, etc.

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