Oracle Announces MySQL HeatWave for Amazon Web Services


Oracle has announced that MySQL HeatWave is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). MySQL HeatWave is a service that combines OLTP, analytics, machine learning, and machine learning-based automation.

AWS users can run transaction processing, analytics, and machine learning workloads in a single service, without requiring ETL duplication between separate databases such as Amazon Aurora for transaction processing and Amazon Redshift or Snowflake on Amazon Web Services for analytics and SageMaker for machine learning.

“Oracle believes in giving customers choice. Many of our MySQL HeatWave customers have migrated from AWS. Others want to continue running parts of their application on AWS. exorbitant data egress charges charged by AWS and higher latency when accessing a database service running in Oracle’s cloud,” said Edward Screven, Chief Enterprise Architect, Oracle.

“We solve these problems while delivering exceptional performance and pricing for transactions, analytics, and machine learning compared to other cloud database vendors, even Amazon’s own databases running on AWS, where you would think they would have an advantage. We wanted to give AWS customers the choice to benefit from MySQL HeatWave innovation without moving their data from AWS, or developers needing to learn a new platform.

“MySQL HeatWave on AWS simplifies our data platform with a consolidated database for transaction processing and analysis,” said Thomas Henz, CEO of Johnny Bytes.

“We’ve seen complex queries 60-90x faster compared to AWS RDS and Aurora that generate the real-time analytics we need for targeted multi-channel campaigns. We now have greater scalability to integrate more data and new customers of all sizes without increasing IT administration. »

Features for MySQL HeatWave on AWS.

  • Native AWS Experience: Users can monitor query performance and provisioned resource usage. The MySQL autopilot is built into the interactive console and makes it easy to manage schema data and run queries interactively from the console.
  • Advanced security features: The MySQL HeatWave service offers security features including server-side data masking, anonymization, asymmetric data encryption, and a database firewall. Asymmetric data encryption allows developers and database administrators to increase protection of confidential data and implement digital signatures to confirm the identity of people signing documents. The database firewall protects against database-specific attacks, such as SQL injections.
  • MySQL Autopilot: Autopilot provides automation aspects of the application lifecycle, based on machine learning and considering the workload, including provisioning, data management, query execution and fault management . Autopilot features include auto provisioning, auto parallel loading, auto encoding, auto data placement, auto scheduling, auto query plan improvement, auto change propagation, and auto error handling .
  • Machine Learning: HeatWave ML provides in-database machine learning functionality, including training, inference, and explanations. HeatWave ML fully automates the ML lifecycle and stores all trained models in the MySQL database.

“MySQL HeatWave on AWS has complex queries 139x faster compared to Amazon RDS and Aurora, giving us a great opportunity to simplify our data infrastructure for OLTP and OLAP with sub-second response time. Additionally, the web console is easy to configure and gives us visibility into workload-related performance metrics with interactive reports. MySQL HeatWave integrates seamlessly with our microservices and cloud-native product roadmap to deliver a superior experience and performance to our customers,” said Anish Kumar, Associate Vice President, 6D Technologies.


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