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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, December 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – One World Universe Inc. (OTC: OWUV), a publicly traded company that invests in sports-related businesses, distressed assets, business opportunities within emerging industries such as as the metaverse, and providing humanitarian efforts in over 185 countries, has verbally agreed to collaborate with a Web 3.0 rights and royalties management platform for the creators industry. The terms and conditions will be unveiled shortly.

The platform will be part of the company’s newly formed subsidiary, Meta Universe Holding Corp. The platform will offer all creators the ability to mix, edit and remix existing art, music, photography and film to create new works of art and media. Artistic collaborators can distribute their new creations for sale on NFT, Web 2.0 marketplaces, galleries and museums or through the web application. Original creators protect their rights and share royalties with any contributor, publisher, or remixer for each newly created derivative work that is managed through the platform.

“This will be how the storytellers, musicians, journalists and artists behind Web 3.0 and the Metaverse will earn a living by collaborating, protecting each other’s rights, sharing their financial rewards and together creating the future of the world. artistic expression. This platform will be a critical component in attracting talented artists from all mediums to our new platform, ”said Jerry C. Craig, CEO.

“Being part of One World allows us to have immediate access to capital and to be incubated for the scalable growth of this platform. Our team has created the ultimate Web 3.0 toolset for EVERYBODY, ANYWHERE to FINANCE, PARTICIPATE and ENJOY any artistic, music, media, entertainment and journalism project. No one seemed to solve the royalty problem, especially from a usage or payment tracking perspective in multiple markets. Without the transparent rights protection that the company provides in the form of IP-protected NFTs, there is no way such a collaborative model could take place. We have found a way to protect both parties, while also collecting their royalties from a newly created condominium asset, ”said CEO Jonathan Giesen of the Web 3.0 Rights and Royalty Management Platform.

Mr. Giesen was the co-founder of Transterra Media. He has over 10 years of experience in the production and content marketplace, connecting 8,500 filmmakers, photographers and journalists to 3,000 brands and publisher clients in 150 countries. Jonathan was also the co-founder of Global Nomads Group, an educational outreach NGO. He led the organization for 9 years and has directed live broadcasts and documentary productions for the United Nations, CNN, ABC and PBS in over 40 countries.

One World Universe plans to finalize this transaction in the coming days. In other news, the company has completed its 3×3 plot in the Sandbox Metaverse game and is in final negotiations to wrap its first famous artist to work with Gabe Di Sante and his team. Many more updates to come by the end of the year.

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About One World Universe, Inc.

A global universe (OTC: OWUV) is a California-based company whose mission-driven business implements global humanitarian efforts through profits generated from the sale of products and services to improve the lives of people living in the most challenging environments and their communities. Our company has provided valuable resources such as access to personal protective equipment (PPE), drugs, vaccines and educational support programs where play and basic necessities are essential.

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