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(Los Angeles, CA – November 11, 2021) With the coronavirus and other global challenges between us, the new TV series, One world, aims to inspire and unite the world. With the help of technology, an award-winning filmmaker Diane eskenazi used her time taking refuge home to create what has now become a multi-award-winning global TV and streaming series called One world. To date, the series has won 20 international awards, including Best Producer and Best Mobile Phone Short Film at the Paris Cinema Awards and Best smartphone movie at the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival. The One World series is slated to launch on various TV and streaming platforms on December 1, 2021.

Eskenazi has found a unique way to bring people together by creating a new multimedia format that combines honest videos created by over 100 Gen Z people (16-25 years old) from over 40 countries around the world, with footage from Getty Images. Those One world The ambassadors share their worlds with humor and honesty filmed on their mobile phones from their homes. Organizing and editing each episode herself, Eskenazi created the One world series with the aim of inspiring “a sense of connectedness and solidarity for young people around the world”.

According to Eskenazi, the goal behind this ambitious project was to allow viewers to travel the world virtually and learn new cultures, without leaving their homes. Eskenazi envisioned creating a unique viewing experience that shows our differences and similarities and encourages acceptance of the diversity, inclusiveness and oneness of all people, regardless of their race, religion or cultural background. .

Eskenazi says, “I have continued to produce the series because, as filmmakers and content creators, I believe we have a responsibility to create positive media to uplift people, especially in these difficult times.

To create the episodes, Eskenazi reached out to social media and through international casting sites calling on people between the ages of 16 and 25 to talk about what they love in their home countries. They were also asked to talk about important issues such as climate change and what they can do about it, the random acts of kindness they have experienced and what they have experienced. gives them hope for the future. With an overwhelming response of over 2,000 submissions, Eskenazi narrowed them down to the top 100 One World Ambassadors representing diverse cultures.

The first 12 episodes include food, awesome places to go, celebrations, the challenge of climate change, dancing, random acts of kindness, fashion, and hope for the future.

Eskenazi’s vision is to create a One world counsel, a new United Nations organization from GenZ, where participants can post positive content to address real-world issues that affect their generations and future.

The One World series will officially launch on Amazon, Comcast in Demand, Tubi, and Apple Fire TV, among other channels, on December 1.

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One World Series – List of rewards:

London Movie Awards – Best Web / TV Series

Paris Cinema Awards – Best Mobile Phone Short Film

Rome International Movie Awards – Best Web Series

Global Shorts – Best Web Series

Paris Cinema Awards – Best Producer

Madras Independent Film Festival – Best Short Film

Venice Shorts Festival – Best Web / TV Pilot – Series

European Film Festival – Best Mobile Film

FlickFair Film Festival – Best Series

Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival – Best Smartphone Film

European Film Festival – Best Experimental Film

Indie X Film Fest – Best Web & New Media

Independent Shorts Awards – Best Web / TV Series Driver

Indie Short Fest – Best Experimental Short Film

Independent Short Films Award – Best Experimental Film

Indie X Film Fest – Best Experimental Short Film

Hollywood Gold Awards – Best Independent Film

Motion Pictures International Film Festival – Best Documentary Short

Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 – Best smartphone film


Diane eskenazi has created, produced and directed 80 award-winning films under his production company, Golden Films, which have been distributed in the United States and internationally by Sony, Columbia TriStar, Hallmark, Warner Vision among others. Eskenazi also wrote, produced and released 200 songs, many of which are embodied in these films.

Most recently, Eskenazi produced One World, a series that won 20 prestigious international awards. Eskenazi is currently producing Get up and dance!

In addition to producing films, Eskenazi is the director and founder of Peace Builders, a non-profit organization that sends aid to children in countries torn by war and disaster. Peace Builders has sent over $ 100,000,000 in medical and other aid to children in need.


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