My list of the top five OTT web series of 2021 that you must watch, if you haven’t yet


3. The family man season 2: (Amazon Prime) The new season of Family Man escapes the curse of the second season. I mean, gawd, look what happened to Mirzapur 2. The Family Man 2 is lean, mean, edgy, sexy, dramatic, topical work that shows natural organic growth, starting in season 1. Alright As it takes place over 10 episodes, there’s not an ounce of grease, as the sprawling but tense narrative moves through a lush maze of global terrorism (led by the frightening presence of Samantha Akkineni) and war interior. Ah, domestic conflicts! Our unlikely hero Srikant Tiwari is still here. Super skilled writing and alert storytelling that catches the drama even when it drops, make this a continually watch sequel with actors from all generations indulging in performances that take the storytelling forward into a plunge of adventure and of incredibly engaging drama.

4. The last hour: (Amazon Prime) While the plot might seem dense and unnecessarily cryptic to begin with, there’s a lot to admire in The Last Hour. In a market cluttered with soap operas of all shades, he dares to venture into the eternal world of Northeastern mysticism, deciphering the code of a captivating crime thriller while progressing at a pace never too urgent but always attentive to the rapid momentum required by the thriller genre. The writing (of Anupama Minz and director Amit Kumar) secretes a sort of primitive wisdom that could be considered borderline gibberish.

Set in an imaginary northeastern state called Mangchen (which eerily resembles Sikkim), this series is a visual treat, with cinematographer Jayesh Nair capturing local flavors and rituals with more integrity than curiosity. touristic. Mountains, meadows, lakes and streams are omnipresent. But they never dominate the characters. The last hour might not be seen as great fun, but it does open a window to a world we rarely dare to venture into.


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