Madame Web turns Peter Parker into John Connor


Little by little, revelations about the sequel Madame Web Sony movie are in the works, especially in terms of the film’s cast and plot. Adam Scott was known to be in the movie, but many weren’t sure who he would be playing. Now, it’s been announced that he will indeed be playing a young version of Ben Parker, Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s hapless but beloved uncle.

These circumstances would place the film quite firmly in the past of some continuity, although this is still unknown. This premise would also seem to suggest a plot strongly reminiscent of the original entry in the terminator franchise. Featuring a young Uncle Ben and a pregnant Mary Parker, it seems like Madame WebThe central plot of will be to protect an unborn Spider-Baby.

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Who is in Madame Web?

According to other sources, actor Adam Scott will play a young version of Ben Parker in Madame Web. He is one of many confirmed actors in the film, one of whom is none other than Dakota Johnson’s Cassandra Webb. The characters of Scott and Johnson are shown working in stills as EMTs, which is different from the portrayal of Uncle Ben in the previous Spider Man movies. In the Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy, Uncle Ben was a former electrician, while the amazing spider man the films suggested he was an architect.

Emma Roberts is also in the film, who some thought was a version of Julia Carpenter due to her character being pregnant in production footage. However, the same information that revealed Scott’s casting as Uncle Ben revealed otherwise, indicating that Roberts was playing Mary Parker instead. It is Mary Parker and not May, the latter being Uncle Ben’s wife. Mary Parker is the wife of Ben’s brother, Richard Parker, as well as the mother of Peter Parker. Mary is generally glossed over as a character, but her presence is the first concrete clue to the direction that Madame Web will take like a movie.

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Madame Web will turn Peter Parker into John Connor from Terminator

Since the movie will feature multiple Spider-Girls, it’s long been assumed that these heroines, along with Cassandra Webb herself, would be the focus of the film. Madame Web. After all, Sony’s Spider-Man universe has so far avoided showing the Webslinger, with end credits scenes in both. Venom: let there be carnage and Morbius talk about him only afterwards. Having Peter’s mother in the film and being pregnant with him highlights Spider-Man’s importance as a character. It also means that his Uncle Ben will protect him more than ever.

The film’s plot likely involves clairvoyant Cassandra Webb seeing the future and realizing how important Ben’s nephew is becoming. To that end, she, Ben, and everyone else around them are in a race to protect pregnant Mary Parker from an unseen threat. That threat is likely someone like Morlun, a comic book villain whose mission is to travel across the multiverse and kill those with spider powers. It would turn Spider-Man into the equivalent of John Connor from the first terminator film, his mother Sarah being replaced by Mary Parker. A hero of great fate prophesied about him, Spider-Man’s role in the film would be his strangest yet.

So the storyline Sony is building could go from forming the Sinister Six to filling the “Web of Life” with Spider-Man and his amazing allies. The result would be Uncle Ben taking on his most active role yet, while Spider-Man himself is reduced to a prenatal plot.

Madame Web does not yet have a release date.


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