Lifetime’s ‘Caught In His Web’ Is Based On Real-Life Events—All The Details


Ready for another Lifetime thriller? Real events inspired Caught in its web movie.

This thriller stars Alison Thornton (Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, challenge me), Malia Baker (The Babysitters Club, Are you scared of the dark), Emma Tremblay (super girl, Psy: the movie), Garcelle Beauvais (Coming 2 America, Tell me a story), Morgan Taylor Campbell (The imperfect, cruel instruction), Burkely Duffield (Beyond, Warcraft: The Beginning), Donovan Stinson (The Fantastic Four, call me fitz), Sarah Strange (Garage Sale Mysteries, snowdrops), and Tom Pickett (An Unexpected Christmas, five more minutes.)

Emmy(R), Grammy(R), Tony(R) and Academy(R) winner Whoopi Goldberg executive produced Caught in its web. Hanna Cheesman (Star Trek: Discovery, Frankie Drake Mysteries) directed this Lifetime movie. Danielle Iman (Swagger) wrote the screenplay.

For life Caught in its web is based on real events.

What is lifespan Caught in its web On?

According to The Futon Reviewer, Caught in its web tells the gruesome story of Emma (Thornton), Olivia (Baker) and Gabby (Tremblay) who are each unknowingly tormented by a mysterious cyber-bully named “Blake”.

“Blake” has infiltrated each of their lives by hacking into their cell phones and computers. In addition, “Blake” forces them to send nude photos. Additionally, “Blake” continually harasses them and tracks their every move.

Feeling extremely alone and suffering from anxiety, depression and fear, the girls later discover that they are not the only ones tormented. They decide to join forces and call on Detective Holland (Beauvais), in the hunt to unmask their stalker and finally put an end to their nightmare.

Lifetime Caught In His Web used with permission from LIFEtime.

When can you watch life Caught in its web?

For life Caught in its web premieres Saturday, February 19 at 8 p.m. EST.

Caught in its web Star talks thriller

Malia Baker recently spoke to The list about this creepy Lifetime movie. She revealed that unlike other thrillers, “this one is different in such a documentary way, that it really followed these young girls and it was real life.”

Baker also revealed a bit more about why Lifetime viewers will find this situation relevant. Moreover, she believes that many young women are struggling with this same situation.

We have our main protagonist, which is mostly Emma, ​​and we see her going through some rough times, but alongside that we see the friendship that builds and stays while having this traumatic bond over it all, and that is really powerful. There are times in the movie where we see other girls coming forward and it’s kind of a big, “Hey, that happened to me too,” because it’s true. Lots of young girls are dealing with it these days. I used to go to public school. It wasn’t super crazy to think that would happen, so I think it’s going to be really impactful for viewers to see that connection that forms it all.

Don’t miss the premiere of Caught in its webSaturday, February 19 at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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