Italy blocks over 500 illegal streaming web resources ahead of major football matches


Sumaira FH

ROME (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – May 28, 2022) Italy’s Financial Guard has blocked 40 Telegram channels and 500 Internet resources, including servers and sites, in an operation to combat piracy and illegal sports broadcasting , the law enforcement agency said on Saturday.

“The Special Unit for the Protection of Privacy and Technological Fraud has carried out a new investigation to combat the phenomenon of audiovisual piracy. Seizure of 500 web resources and 40 Telegram channels,” the Financial Guard said on Twitter.

The operation was carried out before the last day of the Serie A football championship and the Conference League final. Experts have recorded hundreds of new services and resources selling digital television products via illegal streaming.

Many Telegram channels, some of which had more than 20,000 subscribers, launched an advertising campaign offering subscriptions to any TV show for a “ridiculously cheap price”. Internet users were offered a one-hour trial period and were guaranteed anonymity.

In addition to blocking pirate streaming sources, the specialists “implemented a full-fledged tracking system that identified users of illegal streams.” These viewers were redirected to a page with an informational message that “warned that the site through which the program was viewed had been blocked and login data was being tracked.”


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