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Intulse, a leading provider of hosted VoIP services, is launching “Intulse Meetings”, the company’s virtual conferencing solution for businesses. Intulse users will now have access to new video conferencing tools integrated into their Intulse system.

Intulse, an industry leader in hosted VoIP solutions for small businesses, has announced the launch of its brand new platform, Intulse Meetings. Intulse users will now have access to new video conferencing tools integrated into their Intulse system. As a videoconferencing platform, Intulse Meetings will have the standard features associated with these programs. However, developments coming soon with Intulse Meetings include native calendar scheduling, starting a video call from chat, and video recording.

Once added, users will be able to host virtual conferences and broadcast their desktop screens for business presentations. At the same time, they can save time and effort by creating small groups in a single session. Intulse Meetings users can also record their sessions for posterity using the platform’s video recording feature.

The videoconferencing solution allows existing users of the Intulse app to extend their access to the platform’s tools. They always have access to specific features of the application. Most of these existing tools involve traditional video conferencing tools.

Intulse Meetings supports both individual and group chat features. The platform has speakerphone projectors during group conferences that highlight speakers when speaking during a call. The breakout rooms are also included in the beta.

Design features include virtual background capability. Intulse Meetings users can customize the look of their meeting with this feature.

Intulse Meetings delivers 4K video quality with HD audio quality for flawless virtual conferences and great features. Note that the video and audio quality of individual users may vary depending on their device.

Likewise, the host VoIP platform offers flexible device options. Users can also buy new phones or bring their own devices. The platform is compatible with a wide range of mobile, desktop and portable devices to ensure that all team members can connect with everyone.

Intulse Meetings is a user-friendly platform with easy-to-use software and a dashboard for better compliance and automation. Users can host virtual conferences much more easily with a simple interface to navigate.

When it comes to accessibility, Intulse Meetings offers cloud-managed voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). The users can access their business conferences from anywhere with an internet connection with this platform.

It also has a dedicated support team for anything, anytime. Users can count on 100% US-based support from Intulse Meeting, ensuring long-term reliable customer service.

When it comes to connectivity, Intulse Meetings offers native CRM integrations for many popular CRM vendors. Users who may already be using CRM technologies can easily combine this platform with their current setup.

Intulse remains collaborative with its customers through Intulse Meetings. Intulse creates custom pricing for a system that meets the specific needs and budgets of its customers. Users can discuss their goals with Intulse to determine the best price for upgrading to new Intulse meetings or integrating the entire platform into their business operations.

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Intulse is a VOIP business telephony solutions provider that works with many organizations of all sizes, including financial companies, insurance agencies, and religious ministries. They are dedicated to providing organizations with transparent communication and high level support afterwards. Those interested in Intulse’s service offerings can contact them to schedule a discovery call and demonstration.

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