IBA adds member syndication programming to website


IBA adds member syndication programming to website

Association of Independent Broadcasters

The Association of Independent Broadcasters (IBA) offers members an “effective way” to share local talent. All personalities made available to members by members will be on a very affordable cash basis, eliminating the need for expensive barter deals. The initiative was led by Darrell Calton, CEO of Iliad Media Group, and Keith Stover, CEO of Midlands Media Group.

“We did this for IBA members and to reduce barter deals that gobble up our inventory and prevent us from buying for real money!” Calton said. “Whether you are a station in need of outside talent or a station with a show to syndicate, the process of participating in the IBA syndication opportunity has been made extremely easy. Several shows available for syndication are already available on the site, and I encourage IBA members in need or in programming to log into their account and visit the syndication page.”

IBA members who have a show they would like the syndication committee to consider can log into their IBA account, click on “Syndication” and then again on “Submit my show” to fill in the basic information, a short synopsis and a link to the Show. An IBA representative will contact you to collect audio samples. If approved, the IBA representative will walk them through the next steps and discuss membership expectations and relevant information to make it a success.

“One of the costliest expenses for independent radio is paying for syndication, whether in cash, barter or a combination of the two,” said IBA Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Ron Stone. . “Our goal is to provide our IBA members with the ability to choose profitable talent from other IBA members and eliminate the need to give local inventory to large networks that sell to the very customers we used to. to do business nationally and remotely at better prices than network prices. I think this is a huge opportunity to recoup the inventory used against us at extremely low prices.”

Stone added, “It only works when very talented members participate and members who need great talents use it.”

To become a member of the IBA, broadcasters can visit www.iba.media/join-now/IBA.


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