How to Use Snapchat on the Web

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Snapchat enthusiasts have a new way to access the social media app: you can now access it through your web browser if you sign up. for a Snapchat Plus subscription, which means you can leave your phone in your pocket or desk drawer and do all your Snapchat through your mouse and keyboard. If you’re wondering if it’s worth changing, we’ll outline what’s possible right now.

If you haven’t noticed Snapchat Plus coming, for $4 a month, $22 every six months, or $40 a year, you can get a few extras that normal users don’t get: As well as the access to Snapchat on the web, you have the option to pin any of your friends to the top of the chat list, a choice of exclusive Snapchat icons for your home screen, custom Bitmoji backgrounds and a few other advantages.

Okay, so it’s not the most attractive subscription package right now, but Snapchat promises to add more features over time – and if you spend a lot of time in the app (and you want to be able to spend a lot of time on it in your browser as well), you might consider it worth it. You also get priority celebrity replies on Snapchat, so your replies appear above those of others.

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Snapchat for the web lets you send snaps from your webcam.
Screenshot: Snapchat

Web access is perhaps the most interesting feature of Snapchat Plus that has been announced so far. As demonstrated instagram– another mobile app that now has a web interface – being able to cover your social media tasks while sitting at a computer can be much more convenient. You have a bigger screen to look at, you have a proper keyboard for typing, and you can more easily switch between other tasks.

Once you have paid your membership fee for Snapchat Plus, you should head over to Snapchat for web, sign in using your credentials, confirm your connection on your phone in the Snapchat app, then you are good to go. Click on Turn on your camera to send Snaps to allow the site to use your computer’s webcam.

You will see that you can start composing a text message by simply clicking on someone’s name in the chat list on the left, or by clicking on the compose button in the upper left corner (the blue and white one). This is actually one of the best uses of Snapchat for the web, especially if you have a lot of typing to do for individual contacts or groups. You can send reactions to messages and save messages in chat, once you’re in a conversation.

snapchat screenshot for web

You can make calls and send instant SMS.
Screenshot: Snapchat

Snapchat for web lets you make audio and video calls, also: when you are in a chat, you will see the buttons in the upper right corner. You can also use the same compose button available for text messages, only when you have selected a contact, click Start the call instead of Discuss.

What you can’t do at the moment – and we suspect this will have to change very soon, to make the service worthwhile – is open the photos and videos sent to you. You have to use the mobile app to view these snaps, and even after you open them, they don’t show up in the web interface (although there is a placeholder indicating whether they’ve been viewed or not).

You can send photos from the web interface, once you’ve granted access to your webcam, but again, you can’t view them in chat threads. Only text overlays are available, so no stickers or scribbles, and unless you can only get a certain photo using your webcam, you’ll want to use the mobile app to compose and send cliches. At present, it’s a fairly simple experiment in that regard.

snapchat screenshot for web

Snapchat for the web is especially useful for text-heavy conversations.
Screenshot: Snapchat

The same goes for Snapchat’s web settings, which you can open by clicking on your avatar in the top left corner of the interface. You can choose between a light theme and a dark theme, or you can track the load of whatever operating system you’re using, and… well, that’s about it.

Another interesting observation worth making is that the web interface recognizes when you switch to another browser window or tab, obscuring the conversation you were watching. This is a neat security feature that could help you prevent your chats from being seen by someone else looking over your shoulder.

If you’re wondering if Snapchat for the web is worth it right now, the answer is probably no, unless you’re texting a lot via Snapchat, and not until there’s better integration. in terms of photos and videos. browser app. No doubt it will get better with time, however, and more viable as an alternative to mobile apps.


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