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Job June 17, 2022 | 3:11 p.m.

County Consumer Confidence Reports Tell County Water Story

Hillsborough County Water Resources provide more than 71 million gallons of drinking water to more than 704,000 residents each day. But have you ever wondered what goes into providing this high quality drinking water?

If so, look no further than your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Published annually by Water Resources, the 10 reports provide drinking water information for each of the county’s 10 individual water systems. The reports explain drinking water quality test results, offer information about local water resources, and outline the county’s ongoing investment in local water infrastructure.

You can find which water system serves your area by entering your address in the map. Above the map you will also find the report of your water system.

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Printed copies of the reports can be obtained by calling (813) 246-3146. All customers will be notified of available water quality reports through their postal or electronic bill.

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The CCR is an annual water quality report that a community water system is required by law to provide to its customers each year by July 1. Your CCR can help you make informed choices about the water you drink.


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