Hetzner server and host: IPv4 as an optional extra


Host Hetzner Online now charges the IPv4 address previously included in the contract and in the price in addition to an IPv6 subnet for Dedicated Root Servers as a separate item (“IPv4 primary add-on”) which can be canceled. By default, however, IPv4 is initially included and enabled as before. From early 2022, it should be possible to order IPv6-only servers directly. The separate report does not mean a price increase for the existing servers, as the item is accordingly cheaper for the server.

As Hetzner said in a later post, customers are “prepared for the future”. In addition, the host “is already working to be able to offer optional cloud servers only with IPv6”. The company is thus following the trend: the Amazon cloud division AWS also recently offered the possibility of operating cloud instances without IPv4.

Hetzner’s decision clearly shows how rare IPv4 addresses have become for web hosts. A competitor commented at the request of iX on this subject: “Customers can even get a discount if they forgo an IPv4 address.” This discount is usually less than the price of buying or renting the new IPv4 addresses if the host has to buy it themselves. Especially with the big ones in the industry, it’s often not just about the money if they get enough IPv4 addresses (in big blocks, no one wants to split their network into thousands of subnets), but rather if there are addresses at all – every customer that does without IPv4, is therefore generally particularly welcome for these providers. “

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