Google just added this web-exclusive feature to Google Maps on mobile devices


Google Maps on mobile phones has become more interesting to use on its 15th anniversary.

The search giant recently added a feature to the iOS and Android versions of Google Maps that lets you see various locations as they were on past dates while using Street View, for example. Googlethe latest blog post from.

The Street View rewind feature was previously only available for its web-based counterpart, said Engadget.

Google Street View History Details

According to Google’s blog, the new feature of Google Maps, which lets you go back in time even when using its Street View feature, is now available on Android and iOS globally.

To use the feature, go to Google Maps on your phone, then choose to go to Street View at a major location, like a well-known highway or famous landmark. Then tap “See more dates” to see historical images he has posted of that location, dating back to 2007 when Street View first launched.

At this point, you can scroll through each of the images to see a kind of “digital time capsule” that shows how much a location has changed.

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Of course, this will only work for a location where Google has a lot of historical street view data collected through Google’s street view cars, e.g. Reader’s Digest.

As such, what you find will vary greatly by location. If you live in a private development that didn’t allow Google Street View cars, you won’t have a chance of seeing your development change over time.

However, as mentioned earlier, the feature is great to use in popular locations, such as San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver, which were the first locations to be captured for Google Maps Street View.

As it’s Google Street View’s birthday, Google’s Pegman, the Street View mascot, who you can drag and drop anywhere to use the feature, will also be dressed in a birthday hat and balloons for the event.

A new way to capture time

Along with the new Google Street View feature on mobile devices, Google also revealed a new way to capture data for Street View.

The company has unveiled a new camera that takes all the power, resolution and processing capabilities commonly found in a typical Street View car and packs it into an ultra-portable camera system the size of a laptop. domestic cat.

This new camera, which will be launched next year, weighs only 15 pounds, which makes it easier to carry in areas that are not fully mapped like the Amazon rainforest.

It’s also customizable, which means the new camera can accept modifications and other hardware like LiDAR.

Finally, it can fit any car with a roof rack and can be controlled from a mobile device, allowing Google partners to explore more sustainable fleet solutions. current from Google. These include hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

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