Good news! No charge for online check-in on scheduled domestic flights


The Ministry of Civil Aviation has advised all scheduled airlines not to charge any additional amount for issuing boarding passes at airport check-in counters, as this cannot be considered in the “fare” provided for in Rule 135 of the Aviation Rules, 1937.

Meanwhile, delays in reporting incidents and taking corrective action, ineffective oversight and non-compliance with procedures are some of the findings that emerged during the annual audit of airlines by the authorities of aviation.

An annual safety audit is carried out to assess compliance with national regulations, licensing conditions, certified licenses and approved airline procedures.

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the findings made during safety audits are communicated to the airline concerned to take the necessary corrective measures and mitigate the risk.

Deficiencies that have been identified and communicated to air operators for corrective action over the past five years, including delay in taking corrective action in the event of a Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) result, delay in incident reporting by airlines, few procedures in practice were not in line with the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and less effective supervisory control to verify document changes in accordance with the latest applicable regulations and circulars.

According to a written response from the Ministry of Civil Aviation to Rajya Sabha on Monday, this also included ineffective supervision and internal auditing of operations and maintenance activities and all invoked minimum equipment list (MEL) items not checked during internal audits.

The audit also revealed that the composition of the team for carrying out the internal audit is not in accordance with the approved procedure and that the implementation of the security management system in the organization, which guarantees hazard identification, risk assessment and mitigation, documentation and safety promotion, must be improved.

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