GCG Enterprise Solutions commits to commercialize Amazing Print Tech’s Wunderkind Web-to-Print


Regional business technology provider GCG Enterprise Solutions has announced an exciting new partnership with Amazing Print Tech of Toronto, Canada, adding another international brand to its business solutions portfolio. Amazing Print Tech has made a name for itself in the printing industry in the United States and Canada with its easy-to-use online interface, designed to enable the fast, intelligent, and imaginative creation of print materials from web to web. ‘printer.

Their flagship product, PRINTCREATOR, is the most advanced online design tool available on the market for the graphics industry. Version 10 combines cutting-edge technology with built-in intelligence to help print businesses to market, sell and grow like never before.

Antonio Garrido, COO, Amazing Tech Print.

“We’ve spent a decade creating, testing and improving the customer experience to provide the simplest and easiest user interface, so we’re excited to now offer our labor of love to a whole new market in the world. halfway around the world. We are delighted to see the reception of our products in the UAE and the Gulf region, but also confident that we will help our new partners to delight their customers ”, Mr. Antonio Garrido, COO, Amazing Tech Print.

The design of the in-line engine has been described as “the easiest to use” and even “user-friendly”. GCG Enterprise Solutions customers can expect the same high reliability hosting, fantastic support, rapid deployment and a cutting edge shopping experience.

Whether you are looking to expand your printing capabilities by adding more products or adding more proofing and approval workflows, Amazing Print Tech platforms can help you deploy your printing sites quickly.

In the UAE, GCG Enterprise Solutions will provide the end user with a portal where its customers can log in, create their designs or upload their ready-made designs and deploy print ordering. The company specializes in integrating innovative business technologies that drive faster, more efficient and even more profitable processes and workflows.

Users will be able to take control of their print job to organize payments and delivery, providing a unique level of control previously reserved for larger print shops. Customers will have access to 24/7 Web to Print online ordering with a flexible and instance-based pricing tool, credit card payments, an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) and Unlimited Web to Print customer showcases to build niche businesses when needed. Plus, the online space means an approval workflow process with improved collaboration and customer satisfaction.

The platform integrates easily and offers over 100 customizable and customizable products with over 20,000 postcard, business card and stationery order templates. With a complete suite of web to print software applications, Amazing Print web2print software enables printers to print postcards, signage and business cards based on templates, software tools to market, generate and close. efficient sales by rewarding partners and customers with superior Web to Print technology. -Print technology and support services for print-on-demand software. But it’s not just designed for commercial print shops.

Nabeel Bishtawi, Division Manager, PPS, GCG Enterprise Solutions.

“It’s the only solution suitable and usable for almost any type of print job, without spending a fortune – giving print shops, advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments a competitive advantage in the customer-minded business environment.” today’s margins. A resource of this caliber will not only support the business needs of our customers, but also the end user, ”Mr. Nabeel Bishtawi, Division Manager, PPS, GCG Enterprise Solutions.

In addition to the many models available, GCG Enterprise Solutions customers will also have access to a library of six hundred million stock images, stimulating unprecedented levels of creativity. Users also get a custom designed website or integration of the robust design tool to their existing website for free with every license subscription. Add completely free tech support, training, and software upgrades, and you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to choose any other solution.

It is certainly a business model that will help companies recover from market losses due to the crisis and start hoping for sustained growth in the new market reality.


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