Creators can now remix YouTube videos, YouTube shorts also expand to web and tablets


Last year, YouTube gave Shorts creators the ability to sample audio from videos called Remixing. Now it has expanded its remixing capabilities by bringing new features. The company is currently testing a new way to remix any eligible YouTube video. Additionally, the video streaming platform has made Shorts more accessible to viewers on a wider range of devices. It is now available on the web (desktop and mobile browsers) and tablets.

When announcing the new features, YouTube via a blog post said, “Last year we rolled out the ability for short film creators to sample audio from videos – we call it the “remixing” – so you can put your own spin on the content you love. Today, as we look to expand our remixing capabilities, we’re in the early stages of rolling out a new way to remix n’ any eligible video on YouTube. And, as an additional update, we’re also making the Shorts experience more easily accessible to viewers on more devices!”

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YouTube has begun a phased rollout of a feature that allows you to use a 1-5 second segment of any eligible YouTube video or short film in the creation of new original short film content, depending on feedback and user demand.

How to use the function: select “Cut” in the remix options after pressing “Create”. You will be able to sample a section of the video to use in your content from there. You can select the desired segment by clicking on the 3-dot menu, selecting “Cut” and selecting it from a shortcut.

According to the company, when a short film is created from your own channel’s content, a link to your original video will be included in the short film player. Linking to your original video gives previously untapped audiences the ability to discover and engage with your content in new ways. Note: You can always opt out of having your long-form content remixed by other creators in YouTube Studio.

If you have an iOS device, this feature will be available in the coming weeks (and Android later this year).

YouTube shorts are now available on the web (desktop and mobile browsers) as well as tablets to provide the best short content viewing experience. In the coming weeks, viewers on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices will notice a Shorts shelf on Home and a Shorts tab on those devices (as you may have seen in the main YouTube app). When viewers find shorts to watch, they can access the shorts viewing experience to discover more content by swiping vertically from video to video. According to the company, any views you get from these new surfaces count towards your eligibility for the Shorts Fund.

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