Couple Goals Season 3 Web Series All episodes are out on Amazon miniTV!


WATCH: Couple Goals Season 3 Web Series All episodes out on Amazon miniTV!: The craze for web series is increasing day by day and thanks to this, many talented people have the opportunity to show their talent. Many web series and movies manage to place their place in the hearts of the audience and with this new season, the story is constantly adding new developments to that. In this regard, the most awaited and passionate web series titled “Couple Goals” is back with its 3rd season. The series is extremely popular among young people and the storyline of the series is generally youth-oriented. Follow more updates at

Couple Goals Season 3 on Amazon miniTV

The series is built under the direction of Divyanshu Malhotra and produced by Rusk Media. The 3rd season of the series features popular stand-up comedian Aakash Gupta as the show’s lead. The story captures the story of Ayush (role played by Akaash), a carefree boy from Kanpur, and Jenny, the incendiary girl of the town.

Both study in the same college but belong completely to different cultural societies. The story takes an exciting turn when the two started falling in love with each other, from that moment they embarked on a journey filled with love, laughter, adventure and drama. To know the exact story, readers must watch this series.

Couple Goals Season 3 Release Date and Streaming Platform

The series was already released on Amazon miniTV on Monday, February 14, 2022 and received immense love from viewers. Rusk Media Assistant Vice President Nilesh Jadhav spoke about the series and said, “We are thrilled to launch the 3rd installment of our highly anticipated romance drama, Couple Goals with Amazon miniTV and expand the show with a superb cast, including stand-up artist, Aakash Gupta, and Youtube personality, Mugdha.

“The team at Rusk and Alright dove deep into the foundation of GenZ and millennial love and life to weave an elaborate story of teenage romance. We want viewers to resonate with the special of Valentine’s day.

Lead actor Aakash Gupta said, “There are particular projects that are close to my heart and Couple Goals 3rd Season, happens to be one of them. The show artfully captures the dazzling colors of love between 2 young people on different journeys wrapped in a comedic tone. Its timing couldn’t have been better as it would make a perfect Valentine’s Day watch.


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