ColorChip LTD Forms Global Group to Meet Metaverse and WEB 3.0 Needs for High Speed ​​Connectivity and AR/VR Applications


YOKNEAM, Israel, February 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ~2 years in development, ColorChip, the pioneer of photonic integrated circuits from Israeldebus a multi-asset group that aims to provide data center and cloud customers with a broader product portfolio for data center connectivity, ranging from the first 1mm to 10km and beyond, including DAC/ ADAC, SR/AOC, LR and Transport up to 800 Gbps.

“The group’s capabilities have grown on a few key pillars,” Yigal EzraCEO of ColorChip commented – “First, we joined forces with Tier 1 transceiver and high-speed interconnect veterans in China to improve our R&D capabilities and to build our cost-effective 12,000 m² mass production facility. We entered mass production in the third quarter of 2021 with our single-mode and multi-mode applications and achieved record product performance. Second, we have made strategic investments in key optical components that allow us to better control our supply chain and provide additional cost savings to our customers. We have further expanded our product offerings from 1st mm to 10 km to provide our customers with a one-stop connectivity solution store and minimize our customers’ supply management burdens. The third pillar is the expansion of our legacy SystemOnGlass™ PIC platform with silicon photonics capabilities to provide a clear path to 800G+ transceivers and co-packaged solutions. »

In addition to expanding its connectivity offering, ColorChip identified the growing need for LBS-based optical heads used in AR/VR and HUD applications and launched a family of miniaturized projectors based on its SystemOnGlass™ platform, addressing the NED requirements as well as automotive screens. . “The ColorChip PLC – SystemOnGlass™ platform allowed us to implement an integrated ColorMux with a MEMS scanner and waveguide glasses with the most field of view, brightness, resolution and color scheme. high, said Eli AradVice President R&D.

In summary, “As we see continued consolidation in the connectivity market, ColorChip, powered by a global team, aspires to provide customers with strong capabilities for cables, modules and optical devices, to meet deployments at scale and consumer Metaverse with strategic control over key components and platforms and deliver the widest range of products that will serve the industry for decades to come” – Yigal Ezra CEO, summary.

ColorChip will participate in the next OFC which will take place, March 6-10and in San DiegoBooth #3315, and showcase a range of product lines ranging from 200G SR4/FR4, 400G AOC/SR8/DR4/FR4, 400G ADAC and 800G DAC covering OSFP/QSFPDD/SFPDD/DSFP/SFP/QSFP form factors.

About ColorChip Group

Rooted in 2001 and a technology innovator in the field of photonic integrated circuits of Israel, a group of 4 assets specializing in a range of connectivity solutions and optical devices have joined forces to meet the growing needs of high bandwidth demand from the Datacom and Telecom markets. The group has 4 headquarters worldwide – In Yokneam Israel where ColorChip operates its FAB PLC dedicated to the production of SystemOnGlass™ optical engines, NPI module and R&D center, In Jiashan China, ColorChip operates a mass production plant for modules covering 12,000 m² and hundreds of operators, in Suzhou, ChinaColorChip operates an expanded R&D center and, in TX USA, ColorChip has a front office serving North America customers.

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