Busy Simulator, a web app that can mimic notification sounds from different apps to make someone seem like they’re busy during meetings / Digital Information World


With the current pandemic situation, Zoom calls have become a part of the daily life of almost everyone who works around the world. At first, these online meetings were relaxing. However, over time the zoom sessions started to get boring for some people, and they would like to do anything just so they could easily skip a session.

For such people, Brian Moore decided to create a web application and named it “Busy simulator. This app has the ability to copy notification sounds from up to nine different apps including Google Calendar for reminders, Microsoft Team for meetings, emails, Skype and Discord. Besides these sound notifications, l The app also has a feature for vibrating cell phone sound.

Meeting participants can use these sound notifications as a blanket to exit a current session by pretending to be busy. The creator of this app, Brian, is also the co-creator of another app, namely “Don’t touch your face“, which came out before the United States declared the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, Brian became one of those people who would spend their day attending Zoom calls. daily sessions, he observed the notifications received by other participants present during a call and how those notification alerts would present them as being busy with other things as well, causing them to quit their zoom session.

After developing the app, Brian tested it out at one of his meetings and shared the experience on his Twitter account. In response to the video posted by him, some people were not happy with his actions, while most of them liked him. According to the developer of the app, different sounds convey different ideas such as calendar notification which would make someone look late while iMessage notification would make it look like someone was trying to report Something. And if all of these notifications start arriving collectively, the user may have an excuse to leave in the middle of the current call.

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