BuildingReports® Announces Spanish-Language Feature for Web-Based Mobile Inspection and Reporting Technology


ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BuildingReports, the leading provider of mobile and web technology solutions for the fire and life safety industry, headquartered in Atlanta, has expanded its presence in Latin America. The company already has thousands of regional users who have performed hundreds of thousands of commercial and industrial fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, life safety and security inspections, although it only has English and French-Canadian versions of its mobile apps so far. and online reporting solution.

The organization has also invested in additional staff to drive sales and growth of current users. Paul Gutiérrez, Gerente de Ventas de Latinoamérica, will lead the expansion. “We’re very excited to add this feature for our loyal members, but also the new opportunities it creates,” says Gutierrez. “Countries in the region are becoming more aggressive in their efforts to prevent and protect against fires, both to protect citizens and to generate more interest in international development.”

“The success of BuildingReports is built on trust, an essential foundation when your business is protecting lives and property,” said Jason Kronz, president and chief technology officer of BuildingReports. “We understand how important relationships are to our Latin American members, and we are committed to forging similar relationships with new partners who need a Spanish language version for employees and customers.”

BuildingReports was founded in 2000 and its flagship mobile application suite, ScanSeries®, enables inspection, test and maintenance companies to perform verifiable inspections using a process of barcoding and scanning devices. The suite includes the following:

  • FireScan® enables data collection during fire inspections for control equipment, auxiliary functions, initiating devices, monitoring equipment and notification devices.
  • HVACScan® allows heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians to provide detailed service logs and documentation for electrical and mechanical components.
  • SafetyScan® allows inspectors to create detailed inspection reports for portable fire extinguishers, lighting, personal protective equipment and safety equipment at any facility.
  • SecurityScan® allows inspectors to collect inspection data for anti-theft and security systems, access control, CCTV and nurse call stations.
  • SprinklerScan® allows inspectors to easily test and inspect sprinkler systems and water-based fire protection systems in any environment.
  • SuppressionScan® allows inspectors to scan and record detailed data on the most critical hazards in any building, including data on clean agents, gas detection, and kitchen hood systems.

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About BuildingReports

Building safety compliance is essential for service companies, building owners, and fire and safety managers tasked with protecting occupants. BuildingReports’ mobile and online inspection reporting tools allow inspectors to quickly gather data on fire and life safety devices to ensure they are functioning properly and meet code requirements, and to identify the actions needed to achieve compliance through easily verifiable inspection reports. With over 16 billion square feet of floor space inspected in over one million buildings to date, BuildingReports has earned its reputation as the most trusted name in compliance reporting. Learn more about


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