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Bitdeer, the world’s leading platform for digital asset mining and cloud services, is touting HNS as the platform’s latest offering, a recently booming altcoin that has just reached new all-time highs as l Interoperability and Web 3.0 functionality are starting to emerge as the next hot trend in the crypto industry. The inclusion of HNS reflects Bitdeer’s pioneering position in the industry, responding quickly to market trends and providing first-class digital asset options for its global customers.

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Bitdeer Introduces Web-Focused HNS 3.0 as the Platform’s Latest Offering (Graphic: Business Wire)

HNS is the utility token of Handshake, an open source project and “blockchain protocol aimed at replacing the centralized trusted internet infrastructure with a decentralized certificate authority and a globally unique namespace consisting of a decentralized blockchain and cryptographic evidence supported by crypto-economic mechanisms “according to its white paper. Simply put, Handshake is an ambitious plan to reinvent the way websites get their names because the existing Domain Name System (DNS) is vulnerable to censorship and hacking. This is basically software and a loose consensus on software tuning.

The Silicon Valley-born project attracted top-notch venture capital in its early days and recently gained popularity when users started purchasing Handshake domains as it is one of the few DNS providers. to support Web 3.0. Despite its great popularity, only 33.3% of the HNS is available for mining (PoW-based) as the rest of the HNS tokens are allocated to legacy internet infrastructure and the open source development community. Since HNS is only available for secondary market trading from a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges, the accessibility and benefits provided to global miners through Bitdeer’s offering becomes the choice. optimal for many.

Compared to the complex procedures and efforts required to mine the HNS, which include the selection and management of the wallet, mining pool, software and hardware, etc., Bitdeer’s HNS service package offers great convenience and convenience. cost-effectiveness – users can select the most suitable package from a multiple range of offers on the Bitdeer platform and purchase with just a few clicks with ease. This is made possible by the Goldshell HS5, a professional ASIC mining model that outperforms the market average by a significant margin. The Goldshell HS5 supports dual mining on HNS and SC (Siacoin) at the same time, and offers improved overall performance over its predecessor, including a 35% increase in hash power, while the consumption ratio electric is reduced by 2%. The more stable operation also minimizes fluctuation in chopping power.

Bitdeer is able to make this offer well in advance thanks to the company’s seasoned experience and sound judgment on the critical trends occurring in the blockchain and crypto industry. As an advocate for truly decentralized crypto projects and community, the availability of HNS on Bitdeer brings a whole new sphere of the platform’s diverse offering.

Secure and reputable platform with professional services

Bitdeer serves users from over 200 countries around the world with monthly traffic of over 3 million users. The high availability and smooth operation of the platform is guaranteed by the Bitdeer Group mining data center, which leverages its unparalleled global mining capacity to provide users with reliable digital asset exploration services and trustworthy. Transparency is essential and users can easily track their returns and profits on the platform which is supported by its professional management and financial systems. Bitdeer not only guarantees stable and consistent operation, but also strives to provide top-notch services to its customers around the world, around the clock.

Bitdeer is part of the Bitdeer group founded and chaired by Jihan Wu, also co-founder of Bitmain and Matrixport. It brings together the main mining pools around the world, such as, Antpool, F2Pool, Foundry USA, ViaBTC, and, and aims to provide users with more flexible mining options with a proven track record. The inclusion of the HNS Full Effective Plan embodies the platform’s latest efforts to deliver first-class digital asset mining options to its global users, thus strengthening the bond and engagement between Bitdeer and the global community. .

About Bitdeer

Bitdeer is the world’s leading digital asset mining and sharing services platform, enabling users around the world to mine cryptocurrencies transparently, reliably and conveniently. It saves users the complicated process of purchasing, installing and hosting mining machines. Individual minors can take advantage of the service with just one click.

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