Apollo Fintech Launches Decentralized Cloud Ark As Part of Decentralized Web 3.0 Initiative


PRETORIA from South Africa, December 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ark Decentralized Cloud was designed not only as a framework for a truly decentralized Web 3.0, but also as a core engine to enable data-rich NFTs, such as 8k video clips and VR experiences; and a lightning-fast decentralized storage solution capable of supporting advanced applications, such as a metaverse.

“The biggest barriers to decentralized file storage, file size and data accessibility are no longer an issue at Ark. Unlike its competitors, Ark can theoretically support files of unlimited size and the data is quickly accessible. This opens up the real possibility of adopting decentralized storage. “

Stephen mccullah – CEO of Apollo Fintech

Currently, Ark Decentralized Cloud operates by allowing users to do one of two things:

Store their data

Users can encrypt and store their files on Ark, facilitating the safe and indefinite storage of files of any size.

Store data from other users

Users can partition their hard drives to store other people’s files in order to earn recurring income.

How the ark works

Ark Decentralized Cloud works by creating a cloud environment between millions of user devices. When a user stores a file on the network, the file is then fragmented into several hundred individual pieces. Each fragment of the file is then encrypted and stored between dozens of user-staked storage devices. Unlike other decentralized storage systems, Ark has an abundance of fail-safe security protocols to prevent data loss when a participating user removes their implanted hard drive.

2022 plan

Apollo Fintech is working on using Ark as the core of its Web 3.0 infrastructure. Ark will enable truly decentralized web pages and applications, as data can be fully stored and accessed quickly from The Ark network. Normally, most “decentralized” websites still host their graphics data on centralized servers. This makes them incredibly vulnerable to the influence of foreign powers and outside entities.

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