Anshumaan Pushkar: Now the challenges, the risks are greater | Web series


Graham and Kathmandu connection Actor Anshumaan Pushkar has tasted success with his first three series and has good plans in his kitty. He feels that he now has different types of challenges, mainly the fear of being wrong.

“Before the struggle was to get staple foods, now that I’ve tasted a variety of food, so my appetite is to try better quality in balanced quantity. When I started, I was happy to work for 3,000 a day because the problem was to survive, but now I have good roles to choose from and the urge is to level up. I explore different genres like I tried comedy with my film Hari Om Hari and my current series,” says the Jamtara actor while filming in Lucknow.

Speaking of challenges and fear, he says, “Acting is the only thing I know. So the challenge is to choose the best of the lot because there is a huge chance of getting it wrong and that’s my biggest fear because at this point in my career I can’t afford to do that because it’s is a very brutal industry.

He adds, “I learn from my mistakes because I have seen that bad decisions not only kill time and effort, but hinder career prospects. As an actor, I can only work hard and try my best, but there are other factors that make or break a project. So I started to analyze those aspects as well.

Pushkar says he is pushing himself hard. “I surely want to climb the ladder of success but I remain rooted. And, for that, I am ready to work hard and challenge myself. It does not matter when I sleep four hours and I am ready to do covers, but I want to be my best version.

He felt that people place him more in UP-Bihar roles, but he wants to explore more. “Creators see me for certain types of roles but I want to broaden my spectrum and prove that I can do any type of role.”

After playing the protagonist, the length of the role is still not the only criterion for him. “I wish and I surely want to direct a show. Nawaz (uddin Siddiqui) sir was not the lead of the movie Kahani but was an integral part of it. So I want to be that strong part that can intrigue the audience. I am happy to receive offers from major productions as well, but my criteria will be the same – a strong character regardless of the length of the role.

While filming his fourth project in Lucknow, he says, “The city has become my second home. It started with Kathmandu… followed by Graham, second season of Jamtara and now this show. There is another show that can be shot here and my movie which I shot in Varanasi and KK2 partially in Agra. So I owe the little success I have to this land.


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