A Spider-Man 2 Theory Directly Tied To Madame Web


The Spider-Man universe showed it could be a fun, street-level story filled with a collection of like-minded characters. However, it could also be a much more complex world that spans the multiverse and could even be the deciding factor in the fate of all realities. No matter what a member of the Spider family does, it’s clear that all points go back to Madame Web. That said, it might now even apply to the movie franchise thanks to a new theory.

The next Madame Web The film will likely see Julia Carpenter take up the torch and also show how she could impact her universe’s Spider-Man and many others. According to Reddit theorist Calm-Hovercraft2851, the source of his powers could explain one of the most positive moments in Spider-Man’s life. It could also explain how his Spider-Sense may have contributed to it in Spiderman 2.

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What are Madame Web’s powers?

In the comics, Madame Web was once an older woman who was blind and unable to walk, but she had psychic abilities that allowed her to astral project, use telepathy, and even see into the future. . Over the years she was an ally of Peter Parker, but eventually she passed her abilities to Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman, and she became the new weaver for Spider-Totems, and the web of life and fate has made her an important player in the great multiverse of Spider-people.

This extra-dimensional web connected Julia to the other Spider-Men, Women, and Animals of the Multiverse, and when the web was threatened, she called them together to defend her. Due to her clairvoyance, she could also act preemptively to forestall future dangerous occurrences. This action could also be considered a Spider-Sense in a more condensed explanation of the concept. That same feeling may be exactly why Peter’s helpless life in Spiderman 2 seemed so positive.

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How do spider senses affect Peter Parker’s luck?

In the film, Peter’s feelings of inadequacy, mixed with his stress level, caused him to lose his powers. Rather than trying to get them back, he relished his life as a normal guy. Inadvertently, her life also began to turn upside down. He had more time to focus on himself and improve his career, studies and social life. Essentially, his Parker Luck had finally seen an end to his constant disturbances. The theory goes, it was because Peter wasn’t using his Spider-Sense to avoid danger. Since he wasn’t essentially changing the timeline to save a life, nature didn’t balance it with an equally embarrassing turn of events for Peter.

It’s a unique theory that has inadvertently been linked to the larger world built by Sony. As for the film, one could argue that Peter’s lack of interference with fate allowed things to take their natural course. However, there’s still the notion of Doc Ock returning to kidnap Peter and whether that would have happened with or without his powers. That said, if Fate is truly unstoppable, then the Web of Life and Fate would have had its powers to save her no matter what. Ultimately, it’s a fun theory that might even help bring up Tobey Maguire’s Peter in future events surrounding the Spider-Verse.


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