Humble politician Nograj: Dane plans to create web series based on popular Kannada film


The famous Nograj is ready to titillate you again with a brand new web series. The teaser and trailer for the Kannada series have raised expectations for this political comedy satire that will be released on Voot Select. The 10-episode series is a total entertainment package and we’re only here to provide entertainment, says Danish Sait, who plays Nograj. Saad Khan directed the series and the couple shares their experiences with News18.

Do you speak like Nograj in real life, in Kan-glish? How do you talk to your wife at home?

Danish: No No. My wife speaks Marathi. I speak in all the languages ​​she does not understand. This typical language that Nograj speaks is urban Kannada which you can see in most parts of Bengaluru. It actually started with my switch to FM while I was involved in product design. It is the culture and micro culture element that inspired me. I used to use this accent for jokes before. But I’m Nograj right between the action and the cut, otherwise no.

Why did you choose OTT? Could you have made Humble Politician Nograj Part 2, a sequel to your previous film?

Danish: We are aware of the current situation and have decided to play it safe. This is comedic entertainment and we know people loved Nograj. Considering the investment of money, time, and pride in making a movie, OTT is a safe place. The whole project lasted two years. We are aimed exactly at the viewers who love and appreciate Nograj. The output needed for the theater and that for an OTT platform are different and given the fluctuating Covid situation, it’s best to let people sit in the comfort of their own homes and enjoy the series.

What are the inspirations for the other characters in the film, the KGB of Prakash Belavadi for example…

Saad Khan: Each character is fictional. If someone feels like they can relate to a character and feels offended, there’s nothing we can do about it. But I can assure that each character was born from the imagination. About the KGB, the role that Prakash Belavadi played, he asked, “Who do you think of for this character? I said none. He’s a fictional character.

Tell us about the other famous character, Manjunath.

Saad Khan: Manjunath is the shadow of Nograj. He doesn’t think if it’s right or wrong, all he wants is to follow every order that Nograj passes. Vijay Chendoor did an incredible job. Like the other actors, everyone has integrated perfectly.

There is always a fear of opposition when certain characters look like a real person or an incident. With several political incidents having a real resemblance, how did you plan to save this series?

Danish Sait: It’s completely above us. Sameer Nair, Applause’s producer and crew as well as Voot have worked and planned a lot on this factor. For example, the beach resort scene from the series can be anyone. People go to the resorts to relax and have fun. If someone feels offended about it and thinks it is related to something else, there is nothing we can do about it. Yes, we have seen several examples on these lines of what you mentioned and we have probably learned from them. But luckily, we have a huge team that not only invested the money or produced the show, but stuck to whatever means they could and brought it to this point. We are aware of the risks and grateful for the opportunities. But again, this is all completely above us. We are here to serve laughter and laughter alone.

Nograj is a man with a mission in his life: to become the chief minister of Karnataka. And he’s doing everything he can to make that happen. Corruption, greed, power tactics and all that is seen in the political world today is presented with a pinch of salt and a lot of humor in the series. Danish Sait as Nograj will be seen in the Kannada Commercial Web Series which will be available on Voot select from January 6, 2022.

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