Five websites to download new music for free


If streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Audio have become in a few years the most popular solutions for obtaining large catalogs of new music, listening to songs without the need for an Internet connection via these services automatically requires a paid connection. . subscription.

So you have to put your hand in your pocket to pay attention to songs without being connected to the World-wide-web? No. There are a number of online products and services on the internet that offer streaming music and at the exact time offer to download certain tracks for free as MP3 files that you can store for offline listening.

These platforms host information from more or less perfectly identified artists, sometimes unreleased songs and mixes, and even in some circumstances are live recordings of special live shows that cannot be discovered elsewhere. Where most of these platforms offer to buy tracks, they also allow artists to write some of their tracks for totally free download. Discover 5 online services to legally download absolutely free songs.

1. Free Songs File

absolutely free music file is certainly just one of the best-known free music download platforms for hardware creators. And for a good cause, the titles hosted there are completely royalty-free and mostly provided under an Inventive Commons license, allowing anyone to download and use music for free to illustrate projects.
absolutely free new music file supports over 50,000 creatives, typically unbiased artists and music producers from around the world. The system hosts some 150,000 unique songs

Download new music for free from free archives

2. Jamendo

1st online medium to offer royalty-free audio in 2004, Jamendo is presented today as a system whose objective is to allow musicians and fans of songs to perform with each other in a particular group.
The platform, which favors impartial music, has a catalog of more than 500,000 titles and more than 40,000 international artists. All types of music are represented there and can be downloaded for free for individual use.

pay artists Jamendo grants professionals looking for songs for their cinematographic, advertising and marketing and other audiovisual productions the payment of an operating license.

Get songs from Jamendo for free

3. Cloud audio

Following in the footsteps of MySpace, SoundCloud is an audio distribution system that will allow artists to publish and distribute their creations to a very large audience. A legitimate music social network, SoundCloud promises to be the most crucial audio platform on the planet.

It lets you stream tracks from artists from all walks of life, from unbiased musicians to big-name singers who primarily use it to share their creations internationally and monetize their work.
When artists have activated this possibility, the support can be used to obtain new music for free. A “Free Download” button will then appear.
SoundCloud also makes it easy to find free downloadable items from its search engine where you just type in the tag “free download”.

The company does more than just host written content, as it will also allow artists to directly access other platforms to add information or clips associated with the prospect.

Get totally free new music from SoundCloud

4. Reverb Country

In a type comparable to SoundCloud, ReverbNation offers artists a platform that allows them to distribute their creations, but also to monetize their content by presenting some of their titles for purchase directly from the platform.
ReverbNation gives absolutely free streaming songs from thousands of artists, with many downloadable titles for some.
To easily find these completely free tracks, ReverbNation has integrated a “totally free essential MP3” solution into its search engine, allowing you to filter your searches to only present artists who provide some of their songs for totally free download.

Download totally free music from ReverbNation

5. Just click audio

just seem to click claims to be one of the pioneers of online music. The system, born in 1997, which defines itself as a social network, allows you to listen to and download thousands and thousands of titles made largely by independent artists.
The site will therefore allow supporters to follow the artists in streaming, to interact with them, but also, and I have already said it, to obtain some of their titles for free. Depending on the number of elements of all the musical styles represented, audio click on would offer you nearly six million titles

Download audio from SoundClick for free


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