Creative Tools distributes Ericom ZTEdge Web Isolation to support TPN compliance for VFX, production and gaming studios


Isolated web browsing improves productivity by enabling secure internet access in accordance with MPA guidelines on digital security best practices

HALMSTAD, SWEDEN, January 31, 2022/ — Creative Tools, a leading solutions provider and reseller of software and hardware for 3D animation technology for film, television and games, and Ericom Software, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions in Zero Trust cloud and developer of the ZTEdge™ SASE platform, today announced that they are partnering to offer Ericom ZTEdge Web Isolation to Creative Tools customers to support trusted partner network initiatives (TPN) combined with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) content security best practice guidelines.

The MPA recently updated its Digital Security Infrastructure Guidelines to recommend Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) as a best practice for securing the use of email and web browsing from production devices. , while fully protecting intellectual property (IP) and pre-release content. This is a very significant change for studios and users, as previous editions of the guidelines banned all internet and email access on production devices, making research and communication between third-party creators and content owners, in addition to other inefficient and frustrating uses of the Internet.

A number of studios and production houses that use the Ericom ZTEdge Web Isolation Solution to protect against phishing and ransomware attacks, as well as content and IP loss, have successfully passed recent TPN assessments. Ericom ZTEdge Web Isolation enforces granular user, group, or category policies specified by IT to restrict the content each user can upload from their devices or network locations to websites and/or files they can attach to emails. Browser clipboard functions can be disabled completely, disabled for specific websites or categories of websites, or allow limited controlled copy functions for specific websites. This makes it possible to share specific data, if necessary and approved, while avoiding the loss of valuable content via, for example, peer-to-peer sites. Policy-based controls can be applied to ensure compliance with restrictions on file sizes or types, or the amount of data copied.

Ericom’s Remote Browser Isolation solution also provides essential security controls that enable teams in game studios, visual effects and entertainment to use modern collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams on their networks. without worrying about loss of IP address or malware attacks, a very important advantage given the challenges encountered. by teams distributed within tight deadlines.

With Ericom’s Remote Browser Isolation solution, all active website content, which could potentially include hidden ransomware or other data-stealing malware, runs in an isolated virtual browser in the cloud or on a remote server, so it cannot reach the user or internal device. networks. This protects organizations by preventing malicious code from entering their network and allowing hackers to stage an attack and/or gain access to valuable content. Ericom ZTEdge Web Isolation only sends secure rendering information representing the website to the regular browser on the user’s device, for a secure, fully interactive and high performance browsing experience. For added protection against phishing, websites launched from URLs in emails can be made read-only to prevent users from entering credentials. Attachments (if not blocked) are cleaned before being transmitted from websites or emails to devices, ensuring that malware contained in downloads cannot compromise users’ devices.

“Creative Tools is pleased to provide a solution for Trusted Partner Network (TPN) compliance requirements. The partnership with Ericom definitely adds value to our customers. ZTEdge Web Isolation enables them to improve productivity by allowing access to email and web browsing on their production devices, while remaining compliant with TPN requirements,” said Malin Enting, CEO. “ZTEdge offers the highest level of security control and easily integrates into existing IT environments. ZTEdge empowers our media and entertainment customers to focus on what they do best: delivering world-class productions. »

“We are proud that ZTEdge Web Isolation is among Creative Tools leading software offerings for VFX studios serving the Film, TV and Games industries,” said Matthew Howes, Director of Channels, EMEA, Ericom Software. . For a long time, VFX artists and studio staff have been embarrassed and frustrated by the complete separation of the production system from the web. We are pleased that the MPA has recognized RBI, as provided by solutions like Ericom ZTEdge Web Isolation, as a recommended approach to enable secure Internet and email usage on production devices. And we’re thrilled to partner with Creative Tools to bring this game-changing solution to studios across Europe and beyond.

To learn more about ZTEdge Web Isolation for TPN compliant organizations, download our solution guide ZTEdge Web Isolation for the Film, Animation and Visual Effects Industry.

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