Closing the old web version of Google Voice next month


Just over three and a half years after the massive Voice overhaul, Google began telling original users that the legacy web version would stop receiving updates and encouraged them to migrate. The old version of Google Voice should now be “phased out” from next month.

You are receiving this email because you have a consumer (personal) Google Voice account and you are one of the few remaining users to use an old web feature that may be affected by the end of everyone’s migration. Voice users to the modern experience (which launched in 2017).

The change does not apply to paid users of Google Voice for Workspace and comes as the company indicates in a user notification email that it has spent the past few years migrating to “key features of the Workspace.” legacy web version ”. However, in the email, Google highlighted seven “features that will not carry over to the new experience” on or the mobile app (although the latest change is only a adjustment):

  • Do not disturb the timer
  • Ring scheduling
  • Settings for call forwarding by the operator: Call forwarding by the operator will no longer have any parameters. It will still be possible to forward calls from another operator to your Google Voice number, however, all calls forwarded by the operator from your linked number will go directly to voicemail.
  • Call Notes: Call notes were removed from the legacy web version in 2020 and will be removed and no longer accessible through Account Takeout after March 31, 2022. If you want to keep the notes you have, you must upload your data before the March 31, 2022. For more information, read Deleting Notes from Legacy Voice.
  • Voicemail accounts only: Users with voicemail-only accounts will need to switch to a full numbered voice account and update your carrier’s forwarding to use your new Google Voice number. To learn more, read Upgrade from old Google Voice (voicemail only).
  • Purchasing call credits in currencies other than US dollars: Since consumer (personal) Google Voice is only available to US users, by summer 2022, all non-USD credit balances will automatically convert to USD when their account balance drops below 0.50 in your current non-USD currency. It will only be possible to purchase new credits in USD and the automatic recharge in non-USD will be disabled. To learn more, read Buy credit to make calls.
  • In addition, Access to call voicemail to listen, when enabled, you will need to press “*” once your voicemail recording starts playing. This will trigger the audio prompt which will ask for your Voicemail PIN which must be entered in order to listen to your voicemail messages.

Former users are particularly concerned about the removal of call forwarding by the operator. The feature will continue to “forward calls from another operator to your Google Voice number”. However, “all calls transferred by the operator from your linked number will go directly to voicemail”.

It is not possible to ring calls transferred by the operator from a linked number on all your devices. If you want your devices to ring from your carrier number, port your number to Google Voice.

Google instead points to the porting or recent update to personalized call forwarding from last month. He adds that these changes are intended to “simplify the product by removing infrequently used features and allow our teams to focus on delivering the best product experience.”

Full details of the upcoming changes, including any legacy features carried over to the new experience, can be found on the FAQ with a brief summary below.

The old Google Voice will close its doors from mid-February 2022.

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