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Avarua District, Cook Islands, December 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The data ownership initiative Cirus Foundation has announced that its data monetization product, the Cirus Web Extension, is available for download worldwide from now on.

Internet users can download the extension directly to the Google Chrome browser, with support for additional browsers coming soon.

The team behind the project decided to change their strategy earlier this year, launching the browser extension earlier than expected, and well ahead of their hardware data collection router, the Cirus appliance, to give Internet users around the world have the opportunity to join the property economy by immediately monetizing their data for their benefit.

The Web Extension represents the user’s first step towards using data as a ramp to Web 3.0 by earning cryptocurrency in exchange for data – a much-needed solution to the broken big data model used today. hui. The extension will be a big boost for crypto adoption, as it is easily accessible to everyone through the Chrome Web Store.

Version 1 of the extension enables the sharing and monetization of master data. Once users install the extension, they can use their browser as they normally would and check their balance to see their income increase over time.

Cirus gives power back to internet users everywhere

Cirus Foundation CEO Michael Luckhoo sees this milestone as the start of a new era in the world of data privacy rights and the property economy:

“With Web 2.0, businesses shared big data with advertisers and users just received ‘free’ use of platforms and apps. The exchange happened this way, in part because micro-payments were not possible. Now … Fast forward to today, with the rise of crypto and Web3, this is no longer an excuse. We need to put the people who gave birth to a trillion dollar industry back into the equation. It was time.

The web extension will also soon be available on other web browsers, including Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The team also confirmed that the next version of the Cirus web extension will include a data vault for more precise control over data sharing, as well as updates to existing functionality within the extension.

Installing the extension is straightforward. All users need to do is search the Chrome Web Store for Cirus, install it, and register. The interface is simple and intuitive, and once activated, users are encouraged to simply go back to their day-to-day tasks, while also starting to profit from their data, taking their first steps into data ownership and Web 3.0. .

About the Cirus Foundation

The Cirus Foundation is the development team behind the Cirus ecosystem, an accessible ramp designed to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 and the ownership economy. These are the Cirus Core, Cirus Confluence Network, and Cirus Device, along with its associated applications, which work together to give users real ownership over the data streams they generate.

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