Chhavi Mittal Says She’s Nervous Before Radiation: ‘It’s Not Easy’ | Web series


Chhavi Mittal, who recently had surgery for breast cancer, is ready to start her radiotherapy and has shared that she is ‘a bundle of nerves’ as she prepares for the start of radiotherapy from Monday . (Also Read: Chhavi Mittal Showed Son Cancer Surgery Scars Who Thinks She Hurt Herself While Running)

Chhavi shared a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote, “There are days when I feel energized and then there are days when I feel exhausted. Like totally dead. Immunity is at rock bottom. .. cold water gives me a sore throat, air conditioning gives me the sniffles! And I know something is wrong when the gym feels like a chore,” she wrote.

Chhavi also wrote, “Today is that day. Today is also the day that I am preparing for radiotherapy and I will not deny that I am a bundle of nerves. Not for the preparation but for cycles to start from Monday. To all my other cancer fighters, especially those going through chemotherapy… it’s not easy, but it’s not the end either. Let’s all go, see and conquer. #breastcancerupdate.

A preview of Chhavi’s post.

Later, she also shared a photo with her son Arham and wrote about the lessons she learned from him. “This little boy teaches me a lot of things, but one of the biggest lessons he teaches me is how to have fun without moderation,” she captioned while sharing her third birthday vlog. .

Chhavi underwent the operation the last week of April. She shared the news of her diagnosis with her fans a few days before the operation. After a few days, she returned home and also resumed work. She also returned to the gym and shared glimpses of her gym workout on Instagram.

In her first Instagram post from the gym after her surgery, Chhavi posed in a mirror selfie and displayed her surgery marks. “I had to wear my armpit scar while I was there…and my physical therapist was super proud of me…so was I,” she captioned the photo.

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