AHS Launches New COVID-19 Symptom Management Web Resource


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Albertans now have a definitive online guide to managing COVID-19 symptoms at home.

Content of the article

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has launched a comprehensive web resource to help Albertans deal with mild symptoms of the virus at home.

The new web resource provides information on what to do when you have symptoms of COVID-19, how to provide effective home care for yourself or a family member, when to get tested for COVID-19 and how to manage prolonged symptoms of COVID-19. .

While much of the information has been accessible to Albertans throughout the pandemic, the new online resource provides a one-stop guide to current and reliable information in one place.

The site also features newly created videos with several local physicians who provide up-to-date information to help ensure Albertans know when to seek immediate medical care and access care.

Following the rapid spread of the Omicron variant across the province and the exponential growth in COVID-19 cases, many Albertans calling Health Link 811 are unsure how to manage their symptoms or whether to seek counseling with a positive result at COVID-19 testing.

While COVID-19 can cause serious illness, most people recover without special treatment.

Helping to provide insurance for those who can manage their symptoms at home will ensure that resources are available for those who need immediate care.

Albertans can visit the site at ahs.ca/covidselfcare.




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